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Julio Jones had foot surgery - not knee surgery. Wow. Unbelievable. Really!?!?


your read on cutler is atrocious. McCown accounted for half those yards, 13 of the tds and only 1 of the interceptions, leaving cutler in the mid 2000s for yards with only 19tds and 12 ints... not that good, and though his numbers will go up if he makes it all season, his ints will sky rocket as well. The dude has proven to be a head case every year but one, his breakout with Denver in 08

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@edram361 Can't use last years #'s when players are on new teams, new coaches, new O-lines, different schedules, etc

@edram361 PPR & Non-PPR...others that do customize rankings use last years #'s to base a projection which is an awful way to rank players.

@Truck1223 Understand but the #NFL is a football league not a babysitting club. It's for adults...Neanderthals for sure but adults

I'm not saying that I'm a saint or that penalties 4 weed aren't ridiculous. But Gordon has messed up 5 times now its not the system its him