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You know me, I'm always honest. I screw up, I say it. I make a mistake, I admit it. I hit on a gal and she turns me down... well I just get back on that horse and try again. In what follows over the next week or so I'll review how my fantasy baseball teams did in 2013. Transparency folks. Let me just say --- I've had better years. Pretty much every other year of my life has been better actually. Hey, it happens sometimes. You focus on the same core group of players and end up with them in a lot of leagues. When they “hit” your teams rock. When the majority of them flop, as they did in 2013, well let's just say that I'm looking forward to some redemption in 2014. On to the reviews.

FSTA Draft Results.


Andrew McCutchen may win the NL MVP. He was a hell of a first pick.

Hanley Ramirez was my second round pick even though everyone thought I should have taken Jose Reyes. HanRam missed months on the DL, more on DL time in general below, but when he was out there he was spectacular with a 160 game pace of about .345-40-110-115-18.

As I predicted, Jay Bruce was a better fantasy option, based on his cost, than Giancarlo Stanton.

Coco Crisp had his first 20/20 season at age 33.

James Shields was exactly who I thought he would be.

Max Scherzer was about as good a 9th round pick as anyone will ever make. Grilli was also a great selection in the 17th round. He would have blown past 40 saves if he hadn't been hurt.


Here's how my season ended. The following players were on the DL: Joel Hanrahan, Tim Hudson, Wandy Rodriguez, Kevin Youkilis and Joe Mauer. Adam LaRoche and Roy Halladay were also hurt. Oh, and there was Wily Peralta who missed his last start with a blister. Was that all of the injury woes I dealt with? Of course it wasn't. It wouldn't be the 2013 fantasy baseball season if there weren't injuries to virtually every player on my teams.

Howie Kendrick was on the DL with a knee issue that held him under 125 games played. Asdrubal Cabrera was terrible, and around that he too was hurt being held to less than 140 games. B.J. Upton didn't make it to 130 games. Coco Crisp didn't make it to 135 games. I also mentioned HanRam above. He didn't reach 90 games played, and I haven't even touched on the hurlers that were hurt yet. Joel Hanrahan was supposed to save 35+ games. He threw 7.2 innings. J.J. Putz was hurt all year. Shaun Marcum hit 78.1 innings before he had to shut his season down. Wandy Rodriguez made 12 starts before his season was shut down with arm woes. Jason Grilli also missed ample time with an arm issue, and let's not forget about Sean Marshall who barely saw the bump. There's simply no way any team can compete with that many injuries. You just can't.

Erasmo Ramirez, my 28th round pick, was left in the minors for far too long when it looked like he would open the year in the rotation. Edison Volquez was the bad Edison Volquez virtually all season long. Tim Lincecum got the Ks but not much else rebounded for the former star. That pretty much tells you all you need to know about my pitching staff when you combine those dudes with all the injuries I noted above.

B.J. Upton was so bad... The guy was two homers from a 30/30 season last season. He didn't even get halfway there this season. In either category. He also failed to hit .190. One of the most disappointing seasons in recent memory.

Finally, all three of my late round shots in the dark on offense failed to do anything (Chris Young, Jemile Weeks and Justin Maxwell).

FINISH: 12 out of 13 teams. Dreadful.

By Ray Flowers


alan silver 

I think it wasn't just injuries Ray . The team you drafted was not very good. Just saying love you anyways Silver

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