'Dez Bryant' photo (c) 2010, AJ  Guel - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/ Fantasy football is fun. It's not so fun when your fantasy football league has 16 teams in it. Such was the case in the just completed SiriusXM Experts Fantasy Football League for 2013. Here are the basic rules.

16 team league

PPR, 4 pts for passing score, 6 pts for run/rec TD

1 pt for 10 yards rushing/receiving 1 pt for 20 yards passing.

Here is the list of participants (times are EDT for their shows on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio).





16. Jeff Rickard, “Off the Wuhl with Robert Wuhl” Mondays at 9pm ET 15. Ray Flowers, “SiriusXM Fantasy Drive”, Weekdays at 7pm ET 14. Craig Mish & Cliff Floyd, “SiriusXM Fantasy Baseball” 13. Adam Ronis, “RotoExperts”, Weekdays at 6am ET 12. Scott Engel, “RotoExperts”, Weekdays at 6am ET 11. Drew Dinkmeyer, “Fantistics Insider Football”, Weekends at 10am ET 10. Jeff Mans, “Fantasy Alarm”, Nightly Wrap-Up Show (10pm, 11pm or 12am ET) 9. Kay Adams, “Livin’ the Fantasy”, Sundays at 8pm ET 8. Corey Parson (2012 Staff League Champ), producer of “RotoExperts” 7. Mike Blewitt, “RotoExperts”, Weekends at 7am ET 6. Mike Dempsey, “Football Diehards”, Thursdays at 9pm ET, Saturdays at 7pm ET 5. Joe Dolan, “SiriusXM Fantasy Football”, Weekends at 10am ET 4. Nathan Zegura, “SiriusXM Fantasy Consultant”, Weekdays at 5pm ET 3. Kyle McKeown, “RotoWire Fantasy Sports Today”, Weekdays at 11am ET 2. Matt Camp, “SiriusXM Fantasy Football”, Weekends at 10am ET 1. Peter Schoenke, “RotoWire Fantasy Sports Today”, Weekdays at 11am ET

How did The Oracle put together his team in this deep league? Boy was it a loooooong wait between picks by the way.

QB: Eli Manning (8), Josh Freeman (11) RB: Stevan Ridley (2), Ahmad Bradshaw (4), Chris Ivory (5), Roy Helu (7), Shonn Greene (8), Mike Goodson (15) WR: Dez Bryant (1), Antonio Brown (3), Mike Williams (6), Andre Roberts (10), Donnie Avery (13) TE: Fred Davis (12) K: Greg Zuerlein (16) DEF: Cincinnati Bengals (14)

With my first selection I rostered my #2 overall receiver in Bryant, and then got the best RB left on the board, a guy I really love, in Ridley.

I went Brown in Round 3 in the hope that he finally becomes the Victor Cruz of the Steelers (score Mr. Brown, score). I wanted to take Chris Ivory in Round 4, but he has the same Bye Week as Ridley and I cannot have both my top runners on a Bye in the same week in a league this deep so I took Bradshaw.

In Round 5 I got the guy I was considering last time around in Ivory. Patience paid off, and at this point time to throw the Bye Week to the wind. I probably should have gone QB in Round 6 – Eli Manning or Carson Palmer were my top guys left – but I decided to stay with my theory of you can win a league with a solid QB, but you don’t want to be risking things at RB or WR. I went with Williams who in two of the last three years went for 960 yards and nine scores. Not bad at all for a WR3. Some teams may not have a #2WR as good as my #3.

In Round 7 I went with Roy Helu. Thought I'd try to take the biggest upside play I could so I went with him over Bernard Pierce who might end up with more fantasy points this season if everyone stays healthy, but I took a shot on Helu would could be huge if Alfred Morris went down with injury (Andre Brown went two picks before me, and that was a tough loss). I finally went with my QB in Round 8 and I rostered... Eli. I know he's not great, but it's a 16 team league and he's certainly a worthy starter in a league this deep.

I really wanted to go Markus Wheaton in Round 9, he would have been a strong get there but I already had Antonio Brown and I hate having two receivers from the the same team. I wanted Isiah Pead but Mr. Ronis stole him from me two picks before I came up. I settled for so-called short yardage back Mr. Greene. I went with Mr. Roberts for depth at WR in the hope that one of my tight end targets woiuld make it back to me in Round 11. Fingers were crossed.

It was time to go with my second QB when Round 12 came up. Could have gone Joe Flacco but I went with Freeman. A third of Freeman's interceptions last year were directly the fault of his receivers according to a report in ESPN The Magazine. Did I get the tight end I was hoping for when I passed in taking one in Round 11? Martellus Bennett and Kyle Rudolph were drafted, but the third TE I had hoped would fall to me was still there. I drafted Davis of the Redskins.

I wanted a wide receiver in Round 13 and went with Avery over Jacoby Jones (who went with the next pick). I wasn't sure if I really wanted to go with a backup tight end, didn't see a runner that stood out, and it was the same at wide receiver so I just took the best defense left – the Bengals. I love in this format they have their Bye all the way in Week 12. That's big for me in a league this deep. I won't have to worry about dropping my defense in Week 5 or having to hold two defenses for a week if I want to hold my top defense long-term.

To finish it off I was leaning toward Brandon Jackson but I went with Goodson as the handcuff to Ivory. When Goodson is back on the field after his four game suspension he could see a lot of work on third downs (even if Ivory is healthy). Much like I did with my defense, I went with a kicker that has a late Bye Week in Zuerlein (Week 11).

My team is solid. For a 16 team league I really like my duo under center. I have lots of questions at RB, but there is a whole lotta talent there too. My top-3 wide receivers totally rock. Not a hell of a lot of depth though in a league this deep you're gonna have holes. Don't tell me that Fred Davis can't go for 900 and six, and if he does he's gonna be an awfully good play. Finally my K and DEF... very happy with those as well. I like this squad a lot.

The SiriusXMExpertsLg-Results.


Whose draft was better, Man or Machine in Round 2? Click on the link to read the story and to vote.

By Ray Flowers


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