'Marines at NFL Draft 2012' photo (c) 2012, MarineCorps NewYork - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/ That's right, I'm going a 10 team fantasy football league in 2013. The folks over at the National Fantasy Football Championship were nice enough to put together a “Take on The Oracle” league which includes myself and nine other folks. We had the draft Monday bit, and as most in the draft probably agree, I feel my team turned out well. Before getting to my squad, here re the rules of the league which are a bit different than most.

Cost: $125 to enter with a shot at $50,000 grand prize (league winner doubles their money and get $250)

10 Team 1 pt PPR 1 pt for 10 yards rushing/receiving 1 pt for 20 passing yards 6 pts for all touchdowns

26 ROUNDS $1,000 FAAAB (will be run only three teams a season before Wk.2, before Wk.6, before Wk.9)

Starting lineups will consist of: 1 Quarterback 2 Running Backs 3 Wide Receivers 1 Tight End 1 Flex Player (RB, WR or TE) 1 Kicker 1 Team Defense/Specials Team

Here's how my team turned out. Pretty well even at QB where, for some reason I still cannot fathom at all, two teams took two quarterbacks in the first NINE Rounds (I was sure I was going to get either Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III as my first QB, but the double QB folks caused me not to get either). To revisit --- why in hell would anyone take two QBs in the first nine rounds of a one QB draft? It makes even less sense when your starting QB's are Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan (as the two teams already had as their top signal caller). It might make the least amount of sense when you realize it's a 10 team league. As you can tell, I don't get it. At all.

QB: Eli Manning (11th round), Michael Vick (12), Josh Freeman (19)

RB: LeSean McCoy (1), Matt Forte (2), Stevan Ridley (4), Chris Ivory (7), Rashard Mendenhall (10), Roy Helu (14), Isaiah Pead (15), Knile Davis (17), Daniel Thomas (18)

WR: Andre Johnson (3), Mike Wallace (5), Hakeem Nicks (6), Cecil Shorts (8), Josh Gordon (9), Mohamed Sanu (20), Markus Wheaton (21)

TE: Jordan Cameron (13), Fred Davis (16), Zach Sudfeld (26)

DEF: San Diego (23), New York Giants (24)

K: Justin Tucker (22), Lawrence Tynes (25)

Even though I didn't get the QBs I wanted, I've got a great trio. I hate Vick as a human being, but he's very talented and in a good offense. Odd how he was a first round pick a few years ago and now he's ignored (he was the 14th QB taken). Even though I bashed two owners in the league for the QB situation above, I found it pretty heartening that no QBs were taken in the first three rounds, so the league was smart about that.

I was very tempted to take Dez Bryant in the second round but I couldn't pass up Forte, which when paired with McCoy gives me a potentially dominating duo in a PPR setup. Ridley could have been Colston/Nelson out wide, but it's all about building RB depth, right? Ivory in the 7th was well worth the risk as my 4th runner. Ditto Mendenhall as my 5th. I then grabbed four young runners who all could be big time performers with an injury or two.

This unit isn't great. However, I've got a load of talent in my top three with AJ, Wallace, Nicks. Wallace needs to find his groove with the Dolphins, and Nicks needs to stay healthy, but that's a pretty amazing trio of talent. Shorts could be PPR gold in Jacksonville, and though Gordon is suspended for two games, and his noggin' continues to be questions, he's an elite add as a 5th WR. Sanu has nice hands and could, if everything breaks right, be a 70 catch guy this season. Wheaton is a guy I've got on my dynasty squad, but I don't know about this season. Still, the Steelers are really thin out wide.

I was all set to grab Cook as my starter as the draft was playing right into my plan, until the guy who took Jimmy Graham grabbed him. Seems a bit off to take Cook in the 12th when you have Graham, doesn't it (shades of the two guys drafting elite QBs and then going with backups early)? Cameron could be a TE1 with the Browns tight end happy scheme. Davis could be the second pass catching option in Washington. Sudfeld is athletic an impressing all in New England with all their tight end woes. Big on talent am I at this position. Hopefully I'm big on production as well.

My goal oal was to draft two kickers since there are so few waiver-wire periods to add players, and to make sure they didn't share a bye week. Mission accomplished with Tucker and Tynes.

The Chargers and Giants aren't elite defensive units, but I should be able to cobble together some positive production from the duo.

Click on the link below if you would like to see the results of the entire draft.




By Ray Flowers


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