'Batman' photo (c) 2010, heschong - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/Homers, shutouts, surging players who few have noticed. It's all in here today, as is a reference to a superhero that you might recognize.

Domonic Brown has passed his concussion test, or at least he did on Wednesday, and if he passes again Thursday he'll head out for a brief minor league assignment. He's hopeful of being back in action in about a week. He's had a great season with 24 homers, 69 RBIs and eight steals, but he's also been saddled by a .316 OBP, and that 22.0 percent HR/F ratio is so high that his homer pace is bound to slow a bit when he returns to action.

Stephen Drew has had yet another injury filled season with the Red Sox. Shocking. Still he's been productive. If he keept his current rate of production and he were to play 150 games (he's been out there for 76 games), he'd hit 14 homers with 76 RBIs and 64 runs scored. Not great, but certainly passable for a MI option in mixed leagues. Too bad he's only hitting .228.

Chad Gaudin – the new Giants ace? Sounds foolish without doubt, but facts are facts. Chad owns a 5-2 record with a 2.64 ERA and 1.14 WHIP. If you remove his one horrible outing on July 24th (six runs in 3.2 innings) we've got a guy who has allowed two or fewer earned runs in seven of his other eight starts. I know, right? He's only owned in seven percent of legaues over at Fleaflicker.com.

Josh Hamilton is batting .238 this month. He's been soooooo bad that the .238 mark is the highest of any of the four months this season. Amazing. He's also driven in 21 runs in 21 July games while going deep six times. Maybe he'll end up being a solid second half performer after all. Maybe not. He's only sporting a .286 OBP in July.

With Matt Kemp (ankle) possibly out until September, I know (pathetic), and Carl Crawford continuing to go in and out of the lineup, just how valuable has Andre Ethier been for the Dodgers? Very. Here's how his batting average has gone by month: .244, .250, .261 and .312 in July. He's also posted a .389 OBP in July giving the Dodgers a stable option in that offense. He's not exciting, just the way it is, but he is productive.

I watched the 1989 Tim Burton Batman movie last night. Michael Keaton looks fine when he's in costume, but as Bruce Wayne? Boy does he falls way short of the Christian Bale portrayal.

Hiroki Kuroda tossed seven more shutout innings Wednesday night. What's gotten into that guy? On June 8th his ERA was an impressive 2.84. Over his last nine starts he's brought that mark down to 2.38 after 14 scoreless innings his past two starts. It's too bad he came to North America so late cause he's been stupendous while hurling here with a 3.28 ERA and 1.16 WHIP over 1,058.1 career innings. Oh, and his WHIP this season is 1.03. Oh, and he pitches in the AL too.

Jonathan Lucroy has 57 RBIs, two less than Buster Posey. Lucroy has 15 homers, the second most of any catcher eligible player. Lucroy is hitting .286, seven points better than Salvador Perez. He has an .833 OPS, two points below Carlos Santana. Over his last 49 games Lucroy has hit .316 with 10 bombs. There isn't a better hitting catcher in the game right now. Speaking of catchers, why am I getting questions each day about adding Matt Wieters? First off you should be in a two catcher league. Second, Wieters is a top-10 option at catcher, so I ask again, why and I getting questions from people asking if they should add Wieters off waivers? Wieters is batting .293 with an .857 OPS over his last 11 games. He's also hit 14 homers. The Orioles have played 108 games. Wieters has been in there 99 times meaning he's played in 92 percent of the games. If he keeps up that pace he'll end the year with 148 games played. If he maintains his current pace at the dish he will finish with 21 homers, 73 RBIs and 60 runs scored. The .239 average isn't great, and it should come up a bit anyway, but why is a catcher on pace to go 21-73-60 on the waiver-wire again?

Mike Minor threw seven shutout innings Wednesday to lower his ERA to 2.75 and his WHIP to 1.01. He seems to think he is Greg Maddux or something.



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