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The 2013 FANTASY FOOTBALL DRAFT GUIDE is here and better than ever! So what does The Guide include and how to get you a copy of the PDF file that spans nearly 200 pages!

* Players are ranked by position (based on PPR Scoring). The top-40 QBs and TEs. The top-90 RBs and WRsThe top-32 kickers and defenses. Each position offensive position also includes tiering.

* All players also are accompanied by auction dollar values.

I know you all love player rankings, but The Guide is much more than just that.

* What are the preferred scoring system and roster requirements you should be using?

* Why should you use a tier based model versus an overall rankings list?

* I’ll answer 10 Burning Questions for each position that help you to prepare for understanding which players you need to draft, and which you might want to avoid.

* Why shouldn’t you take a quarterback at the top of your draft?

* Which strategies you should employ at the draft? What's the perfect draft? What should you do in an auction draft?

* Which players were the most consistent from week-to-week last season? Twenty-five points one week is great, but if the guy slumps to seven the next he kills your team. Which players maintained the most week-to-week consistency?

* Which players over/under performed last season? I’ve got answers for all 32 teams.

* Are you sure you want to take a rookie this year? Make sure you give the Rookie Review a read – it might cause you some pause when it comes to drafting first year players.

* What type of players should you be targeting in Keeper Leagues? We'll review some recent history to help give you some thoughts.

*** Finally, there’s a huge added bonus this year. For every Guide that you purchase you get a FREE team report for every squad in the NFL. Shawn Childs breaks down all 32 NFL clubs in so much depth you'll be shocked. How deep you ask? There's over 115 pages of team data in his report.



So, how do you get this whopper of a Guide? There are three ways.

(1) The Guide costs $15.00. Simply click on the YELLOW DONATE TAB AT THE TOP RIGHT OF THE PAGE which will redirect you to the BaseballGuys’ PayPal page. Once there, submit a donation for $15.00 and I’ll be happy to email you directly the nearly 200 page PDF file with all the above information in it. Please allow 12 hours for delivery.

(2) The Guide costs $10.00. Actually it's FREE. How do you get the The Guide for FREE? You do so by clicking on this link to Fanduel.com. You sign up for an account there for $10 and you get the 2013 NFL Fantasy Football Draft Guide FREE. In addition to the Guide, you also get the $10 you used to sign up to play daily games with Fanduel.com AND they also give you a $3 bonus to play. All told you get $28 worth of product for $10 (The Guide – a $15.00 value, the $10 you deposited to play daily games at Fanduel.com, and the free $3 bonus)!

You are only eligible for this deal if you have never deposited money previously with Fanduel.com. If you have previously deposited at Fanduel before you have to two other options...

(3) If you purchased the 2013 BaseballGuys Draft Guide through Fanduel.com you are not eligible for the $10.00 deal for the Football Guide. However, you still have two options. (A) You purchase the Football Guide through BaseballGuys.com directly for $15.00. (B) Did you deposit on FanDuel to get a free BaseballGuys fantasy baseball draft guide this year? Want to get the football draft guide free through FanDuel as well? If you want to get the football draft guide FREE through FanDuel, then go to FanDuel and make a $50 or more redeposit. We'll send you the football draft guide in 24 hours. If you have any questions about your eligibility, please contact support@fanduel.com.


ONE FINAL BONUS. In addition to the nearly 200 pages of information, you are eligible for one free update of the player rankings at any point before Week 1 no matter which of the three above options you avail yourself of. This is the process that to follow: Keep a copy of your Paypal receipt. Send a copy of your Paypal receipt with a request for an update to fantasyfandom@yahoo.com.

With that, are you ready to get your hands on the tools you will need to dominate the fantasy football universe in 2013?

Of course you are.

By Ray Flowers


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