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Who wants a chance part of the $24,000 prize package on Friday from Fanduel.com? Better yet, who wants to also get a shot to win $200,000 with an all expense paid trip to Vegas as well? All you need is $10 bucks and some fantasy baseball knowledge. I thought that might get your attention.

$1 Million Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship on FanDuel

Each weekly winner will then be flown to Vegas, all expenses paid by FanDuel.com, and given a shot at the $200,000 grand prize. That’s right. Win two weekly matchups and you’ve got $200,000 coming your way. And don’t think that you have to enter hundreds of times to win. And don’t think that you have to enter hundreds of times to win. Jordy Nelson last year entered once, one time, and he ended up in the Finals in Vegas cause he won his weekly matchup. He then proceeded to win that year’s grand prize of $100,000. All from one $10 entry.

So what do you do? You go to FanDuel.com and sign up for today’s contest that also gives you a chance to win part of the $24,000 in prizes for Friday’s event.

You then put together your salary cap team (the rules are very simple and can be found at the top of the page if you follow the link). If you win, it’s Vegas here you come. If you don’t, there are still plenty of cash prizes that you can pocket in the tournament for your mere $10 entry fee (there are 250 cash prizes handed out).

I'll be happy to give you a leg up on the competition as well. In the video below I'll list some of the best and worst plays for Friday (those of you who aren't going to play in the tournament should still click on the video. One, you get to see how good looking I am. Two, you get to hear me talk instead of reading my lame writing. Three, you don't have to be playing in a daily fantasy baseball league to derive value from the advice I'm giving – you still need to know who to have in your lineup, don't you?).

[youtube -H3Do5bXvIk]

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