'Chicken Little' photo (c) 2006, Ishrona - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/A hypochondriac is someone who is obsessed by the idea that they have an illness of some kind when, most of the time, there is no actual condition to be concerned with. I bring that up because in the world of fantasy baseball it seems like there is an epidemic of hypochondria akin to the zombie apocalypse that is portrayed in the television show The Walking Dead. People are freaking out. I'm talking, losing their minds type of situations.

The world is ending. Life is meaningless. Resistance is futile.

In what follows are a sampling of the questions I've been receiving at the BaseballGuys' Twitter account. Am I being over dramatic with my lead in to this piece? You tell me after reading the following questions/thoughts I've received.

I have Erick Aybar at SS but want to improve and have been offered Jed Lowrie for my Joe Mauer.

How long do I hold on to Edwin Encarnacion? He is killing my average.

I know early season, but do you drop Yovani Gallardo for any of these: Clay Buchholz, Hisashi Iwakuma, or Hyun-Jin Ryu?

Do I dump Roy Halladay for Barry Zito, Ervin Santana, Jhoulys Chacin, or Phil Hughes?

Drop Hiroki Kuroda for Alex Cobb? Points league.

Edwin Jackson worth a drop to grab Garrett Richards?

Someone dropped Jason Kipnis in a first year keeper, keep 15.

I get Matt Kemp for Chris Davis. Good move?

I'm not kidding... that's what you folks are sending me. Let's go tweet by tweet, quickly though, since there is no reason to spend too much time dealing with this junk.

Lowrie has never played 100 games in a big league season. Mauer is a career .322 hitter who has made five All-Star teams, won four Silver Slugger awards and he is the 20th ranked player in baseball in career WAR among active players (according to BaseballReference).

Encarnacion has gone 2-for-27 leading to a sickly .074 average. Last season he went 1-for-22 from May 3rd to May 9th and he hit .280 on the season. He also hit 42 homers with 110 RBIs.

Gallardo has won 14 games each of the past three seasons, and he's struck out 200 batters in 4-straight seasons. None of the other three names listed has ever struck out 200 in a season, and only one has even a single season of 14 wins. Oh, and two of them entered the year with less than 20 combined big league starts while the other has made 20 starts twice in the last five years.

Halladay looked bad in camp, and has been similarly poor in his first two starts, but really? There's a reason that Zito, Santana, Chacin and Hughes weren't drafted in mixed leagues until the rounds hit the legal drinking age on draft day (folks over at Fleaflicker are staying the course with Halladay as he's still owned in 92 percent of leagues).

I really like Cobb and his potential, but Kuroda is coming off a season of 16 victories, a 3.32 ERA, 1.17 WHIP and 167 Ks. Let me know when Cobb reaches a single one of those numbers over a full season.

EJax or Richards? Do I really need to even say anything?

Kipnis was dropped in a league with 15 keepers? Asinine.

Do you trade a flawed hitter on an immense run of success in Davis for an MVP caliber talent that has a season in which he was the greatest fantasy player in the land in Kemp?

Do you see why my blood pressure sometimes goes up, why I'm occasional obnoxious on Twitter, or why I'm frequently dressing down callers on my radio show?

Seriously folks. Let me harken back to an old catch phrase: take a chill pill. Let things marinate. Exercise patience. Life isn't that bad. Trust your draft. Trust your instincts. Trust me. Stay the course. If you do, you'll come out in a better place on the back end. Trust me.

By Ray Flowers


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