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You know me, I'm a huge fan of rotisserie fantasy baseball over Head to Head. However, there's another type of fantasy baseball game that really piques my interest and won't cause me to start frothing out the mouth out of anger (grrrr H2H), and that is the daily fantasy baseball game. To that end, BaseballGuys.com has partnered with DraftDay.com for the 2013 Fantasy Baseball Season. What does that mean? Before we get to that, let me tell you a little bit about DraftDay.com and why you should be paying attention.

Did you do your draft in early March only to then learn that Chase Headley, Hanley Ramirez, Derek Jeter, David Freese and Ryan Madson wouldn't be ready to start the season? Do you feel like you're already hosed when it comes to the 2013 fantasy baseball season? That's where DraftDay.com enters the scene as something that you should really be interested in.

DraftDay allows you to play fantasy baseball every day of the season, just like traditional fantasy baseball, but you can select a new lineup on a daily basis. You're not tied into a draft and then forced to play it out regardless of what happens. DraftDay offers daily fantasy games. Put a team together on Monday. Don't like how that team performed? Well then just submit another lineup on Tuesday, on Wednesday etc. Heck, you can do two, three, seven, nine teams a day if you want. You literally set your lineup every day (you can even select multiple different lineups each day). You chose your lineup based on a salary cap with a $100,000 roster total and the following positions to fill: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, DH and two pitchers. The scoring system is easy to follow as well – you don't need to understand how to calculate WAR to understand how it works.


Single = 5 pt Double = 10 pts Triple = 15 pts Home Run = 20 pts Run = 5 pt RBI = 5 pt Walk = 5 pt HBP = 5 pt Stolen Base = 10 pts Caught Stealing = -5 pts Out = -1 pts* Note – Defined by at-bats minus hits


Win = 10 pts Loss = -5 pts Earned Run = -3 pt IP = 3 pts* Strikeout (K) = 3 pts Walk = -1 pts Hit = -1 pts HBP = -1 pts * Fractional scoring per out.

Pitchers Bonus:

Complete Game = 5 pts Shut Out = 5 pts No Hitter = 5 pts Perfect Game = 5 pts

Simple, straightforward and easy to win. Speaking of winning... you win your contest and you get paid real cash. In fact, in most contests the top-5 finishers (at least), end up walking away with actual cash winnings. Contests run from as low as $1 dollar up to $200, with prized varying based upon the number of entrants in each contests.

Some games you might want to checkout.

Today's contest is the $5K Moonshot with a $1,000 1st prize.

The "Mendoza Line" game where you break the 200 point threshold and split the prize.

You can even take on Ray Flowers each day in the Daily $5 game. It's free to sign up, and if you beat The Oracle you're eligible for $5 free dollars to spend at Draftday.

So there it is. An easy way to make a few bucks every single day of the major league season. There's also a chance to take me on, who doesn't want to put the hurt on The Oracle, and I'll be writing an article on Tuesday's and Friday's for DraftDay giving my advice on who you should get in your starting lineups.

The crack of the bat, the smell of the grass... playball !

By Ray Flowers


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