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The 2012 NFL DRAFT GUIDE is here and better than ever!

I'm not going to weigh it down by adding all kinds of reports on team that you won't read. I'm also not gonna rank players based on 19 different scoring systems. It's time to get down and dirty folks.

So what does The Guide include and how to get you a copy of the PDF file?

* Players are ranked by position (based on PPR Scoring). The top-40 quarterbacks and tight ends. The top 90 running backs and wide receivers The top-32 kickers and defenses.

I'll also answer 10 Burning Questions for each position.

* All players also are accompanied by auction dollar values.

* In addition to the actual dollar amounts I've also written about how you should attack the draft and what strategies you should employ.

* I've also included articles describing my preferred scoring system and roster requirements.

* There is also a report on how to evaluate players. Why shouldn't you take a quarterback with your first selection?

* You want to take a rookie this year? Make sure you give the Rookie Review a read – it might cause you some pause when it comes to drafting first year players.

* Which players over/under performed last season? I've got answers for all 32 teams.

Like I said, down and dirty to help get you into the full swing of fantasy football draft season.

So, how do you get it? Simple really.

The Guide costs $9.95. Come on, that's about the same as sandwich and sods at Subway or a a three gallons of gas. It's easily worth it to dominate the competition.

Simply click on the yellow DONATE Tab to the right of this article which will redirect you to the BaseballGuys' PayPal page. Once there, simply submit a donation for $9.95 and I'll be happy to email you directly the 45 page PDF file with all the above information in it.

One final note... care to try your football knowledge against The Oracle, Ray Flowers? Find out how you can do just that, while getting a chance to win $100,000 in the National Fantasy Football Championship. You will be able to take me on directly in the event. For details, click on the link.

Are you ready for some football !


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