'Twin Peaks Summer Bikini Contest' photo (c) 2011, MarkScottAustinTX - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/ It's that time of year again. The time when hope springs eternal. You've all drafted your fantasy squads for 2012, but do you find yourself wanting more. Are you ready for the next mountain to climb? If you are, I think I might have an answer on what your next move could be.

How about signing up for a free daily fantasy baseball game with DraftStreet.com? Simply click on the just mentioned link which will take you to the landing page to sign up for this contest (if you're already a member of the DraftStreet family you can also simply go to the above link to get signed up). You'll have a chance to put together a salary cap team for the one day event (you can play day after day if you'd like). What are the rules? As I mentioned you choose a salary cap roster to fill the following roster spots:

Daily: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3 OF, 2 U, 2 SP, 1 RP and 1 P (14 starters total)

You don't have some massive roster to put together. You just choose the best 14 options that you can roster, based on their predetermined cost, and your team will be ready to compete for some cash. As for the actual scoring, here is how that works out.


HITTING      PITCHING 1B 1 pt      BBI -.25 pts 2B 2 pts      HA -.25 pts 3B 3 pts      HB -.25 pts BB .8 pts      ER -.75 pts HR 4 pts      INN .75 pts HP .8 pts      K .75 pts R 1.5 pts      L -.75 pts RBI 1.5 pts      S 3 pts SB 2 pts      W 1.5 pts KO -1 pt      CG 1 pt GDP -1 pt      BS -.75 pts CS -1 pt SAC .8 pts

Note: Pitchers will not receive any hitting stats, nor will hitters receive pitching stats.

How MUCH CAN YOU WIN IN THE $250 FREE ROLL? 1st $90.00 2nd $60.00 3rd $40.00 4th $30.00 5th $20.00 6th $10.00

Not bad for a  free sign up, now is it? And again, it’s FREE to sign up and play. The freeroll starts on Friday April 13th at 1:05 est, so make sure you have your roster in by then.

So there it is. Sign up is FREE. You can win real money – for FREE.


By Ray Flowers


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