Today is the day that the veil between the living the dead is the thinnest, it's All Hallow's Eve. There's candy for the kids an eye candy for the adults, but generally people are unaware just what they are celebrating on Halloween. One of the best authors on the subject, David Skal, can be seen here giving a little rundown on the history of the holiday. Hopefully you will get a chance to explore the wonderful holiday that allows you to be someone else (at different points on my weekend long celebration, I was Night Owl of Watchmen fame, The Dark Knight and Captain America – I rocked it with the shield).

Here are a few movie selections if you're looking for something to watch tonight.

Frankenstein – The iconic Universal film starring Boris Karloff as the Monster. The definitive version of the Mary Shelley's masterpiece is timeless even though it's from 1931. The 1935 sequel, Bride of Frankenstein, is equally interesting with plenty of dark humor, and some even consider it the superior film.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre – It's never been equaled for the raw emotional intensity that it evokes. Tobe Hooper's classic is as creepy an unsettling as any story that's ever been put to celluloid.

Trick R' Treat - A wonderful compilation of stories that include a psychotic pumpkin, a female werewolf striptease, and just a little bit of the history of the holiday's traditions mixed in.

Halloween – Often imitated by never duplicated, this 1978 classic from John Carpenter is “the father” of slasher films. Virtually every horror movie you have ever seen borrows something from this classic about the unstoppable force that is Michael Myers.

Now to baseball...

The Cardinals won their 11th World Series title, the second most in baseball history to the Yankees who have a whopping total of 27 championships. Here are some other facts from the Cardinals improbable run.

The Cards are only the second team to be one strike from elimination who were able to win the title. The other time it happened was the Mets in 1986.

There have only been six teams since 1969 to be 10 or more games out of the playoffs on August 1st and still make the playoffs. The only other team from this group to win the title, other than the Cardinals of course who were at one point 10.5 games behind the Braves, was the Mets' miracle bunch from 1969.

Lance Berkman finished off his first season in St. Louis in grand style. Berkman hit .432 in the Series, an in the playoffs he batted .312 with a .413 OBP for the Cards (his regular season numbers were eerily close at .301 and .412).

Chris Carpenter won Game 7 and is now 7-0 in his career in home starts in the playoffs. He was 4-0 overall in the 2011 playoffs and his nine career playoff wins are the most of any active hurler.

Allen Craig was a star in the playoffs, especially in the World Series. In Games 1 &2 he had pinch hit RBI singles off of Alexi Ogando to put the Cards in the lead. He also hit three homers with a 1.154 OPS in the Series.

David Freese was named the World Series MVP. He finished the 2011 playoffs with 21 RBI, the most in the history of the game. Of course the extra playoff rounds help push his numbers past some of the “old timers,” but still, you have to be impressed when anyone averages more than an RBI an outing in the playoffs.

Albert Pujols had that massive outing in Game 3 in which he had five hits (three homers), six RBI and four runs scored. In the other six games of the World Series Pujols had all of one hit in 19 at-bats. He still hit .353 with a 1.155 OPS over the course of the playoffs.

And it wouldn't be a post season wrap up if I didn't mention the Rangers and their woes. The club from Texas became the first team since the Braves in 1991-92 to lose in the World Series in back-to-back seasons. Oh, and one more little diddy. The Rangers dropped Games 6 & 7, the first time that they had lost back-to-back games since August.

By Ray Flowers

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