I have my high school reunion this weekend. I'll get a chance to see all the folks that I haven't talked to in years. Will the gals from high school who weren't that attractive have blossomed into beauties? Luckily I was nice to everyone so that scenario would work out great for me – in theory at least. Will I find out that someone had a crush on me but never told me? Will I learn that I made someone's day at some point by doing something nice that I've completely forgotten about? I'd love to hear how your reunions have gone, so feel free to share in the COMMENTS section below. About all I'm certain of is that there will be much alcohol consumed, and chances are pretty good that someone, hopefully not me, will make a scene... just like in high school.

Oh wait this is supposed to be a baseball blog isn't it? Guess it wouldn't hurt for me to throw a few baseball anecdotes up there. Let's see...

C.J. Wilson will be a free agent this offseason, and rumors are already swirling that the two big boys – the Red Sox and the Yankees – will be interested in bidding for his services. Given the fact that thet Sox were trying the entire last week of the season to add a hurler for game 162 you know all you need to about the state of their rotation. As for the Yankees – Freddy Garcia (25 starts) and Bartolon Colon (26) made 51 starts for the club. Do you think they could use another arm? Wilson, in just his sescond season as a starter, had an elite level effort in 2011 for the Rangers. Wilson won 16 games, one more than Jon Lester and Ricky Romero. His 2.94 ERA was seventh in the AL and better than guys like CC Sabathia (3.00) and Dan Haren (3.17). Wilson posted a total of 206 punchouts, the sixth best mark in the AL and third best amongst lefties (Sabathia had 230, David Prive 218). Wilson was also stingy in base runners allowed with a WHIP of 1.19 better than the marks of Felix Hernandez (1.22), Sabathia (1.23) and Lester (1.26). Add in that Wilson also threw 223.1 innings and the guy has proven that his transition to the rotation is complete. He'll make a ton of money this offseason.

I've been prepping for Halloween by watching old episodes of the TV show Supernatural. Pretty darn good series for those of you who have never watched (I can totally see my brother and I in the two leads, and if you are wondering, I would be Dean). I don't know if I've ever mentioned it here, but I really enjoy Halloween. In fact, I'm planning out how to lay out my front yard this weekend. Yeah, I'm that guy who decorates his house for the neighborhood. Wait, that had nothing to do with baseball again did it? I'm stuck in a weird loop today.

Eric Chavez might retire, and while some of you might be saying to yourself who cares, it would be a shame. Just 33 years old, his career has been destroyed by injury as he's appeared in a total of 123 games the past four years. I'm gonna make a bold statement. Chavez was on his way to the Hall of Fame before injuries hit. You might think that I've eaten too much of my candy stash while playing how I'm going to decorate for Halloween, but hear me out.

From 2001-06 Chavez won a Gold Glove every season.

From 2000-06 Chavez hit at least 22 homers every year. From 2000-06 Chavez knocked in at least 72 runs. From 2000-06 Chavez scored at least 74 runs every season.

Add that all up and this is what we get.

From 2000-06 Chavez was second at the third base position in homers, first in RBI and first in runs scored. Toss in six Gold Gloves in the seven years and there is no way around the fact that, for seven years, Chavez was the best all-around third baseman in the game. A couple more years like that and he would have had a shot at Cooperstown.

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