I'm on a working vacation. As almost all of you know by now, I do a daily fantasy show for SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. While I do the show from the Bay Area in California, and I'm not kidding I literally do the show in my slippers at times, my co-hosts are in St. Louis while the SiriusXM studio that the show originates from is in Washington D.C. I was able to visit D.C. to meet the crew this week, and it was a great time. I'm now in St. Louis and the good times are still rolling. Some thoughts from the trip...

Went to the legendary Pappy's Smokehouse for lunch today in St. Louis. Had quite the feast, and the staff was super friendly. Give yourself a lot of time if you go though, it took 45 minutes in line just to place our order.

It's warm as hell back east. It's 90 degrees in STL today an it feels cool compared to the temperatures I've been subjected to of late.

I toured the dome where the Rams play (thanks Amanda), and got a behind the scenes tour. Nice facility, but odd to think about a football game being played under a roof.

Speaking of the NFL, I've been asked multiple times about whether or not I will be ranking football players here at BBGuys. The answer to that question is – I think so. I won't be doing much NFL writing here – though I will be writing NFL for Rotoinfo.com and FantasyAlarm.com. However, I'm thinking about doing something for the BBGuys crowd, and that is, releasing my own personal positional rankings. I'm thinking that I might do so next week, so look for information on how you can get your hands on the “Oracle's” 2011 NFL rankings.

Some trade deadline thoughts...

Hunter Pence is as consolid a hitter as you will find. Any team would be wise to add him to the mix if the cost wasn't prohibitive.

Ubaldo Jimenez should remain a Rockie. Don't know why they would be looking to deal him when they control him for the next few years at a very reasonable price.

Jeff Francoeur and Melky Cabrera are available for the right price according to reports. According to the Royals that 'right price' is a #3 starting pitcher. Good luck with that Royals.

The Rangers aren't certain what is wrong with Neftali Feliz, so they are looking to add an arm to their bullpen. They appear to be a finalist in the Heath Bell sweepstakes, but the two sides are having a hard problem coming to an agreement. Late word suggests that the Rangers are now interested in the Athletics' Andres Bailey. However, don't you think they are gonna have to pay an awful lot to get an arm from their own division? Given that Bailey is under control through 2014 this is most likely a smokescreen being set out to get the Padres back to the dealing table.

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