I love it. The response has been overwhelming, and I want to thank you all for your support and kind words.  I'm borderline ecstatic at the response I've received, but at the same time I'm sending so many of these files back to everyone that I needed to come up with a better plan moving forward. Hence, I'm going to be combing positions up the middle in order to cut down on the emails I'll need to send out. I need time to go out to find the love of my life people.

In case you've missed it so far, here is how this all works.

(1) You stop by BaseballGuys.com.

(2) You'll get a chance to review a handful of the players at the position of the day.

(3) You'll find a CODE at the end of the article.

(4) You'll take that CODE and email it to me at: fantasyfandom@yahoo.com

(5) I'll send you back a neat and tidy PDF file with the top-50 or so players at the position that is under discussion for that day.

How does that sound to you?

The best part? How about the cost... it's 100% FREE.

All I ask is that you tell a friend.


Here are a few examples of what you will receive in the PDF.

Stephen Drew For the first time Drew hit double-digits in steals, and the results was one of four efforts last year in which a player had double-digit homers, doubles, triples and steals at the position. Drew has never taken the next step to fantasy stardom, but if you add together his best yearly totals you end up with a 5x5 line of .291-21-67-91-10. Who wouldn't take that from their shortstop?

Grant Green Green should one day be a star in the big leagues. The A's watched him destroy High-A pitching last year to the tun of a .318-20-87-107-9 line with about the only complaint being 117 strikeouts. Given that he finished his career with the sixth highest batting average in USC history, that's hardly a surprise. He should only be rostered in keeper leagues at this point.

Brandon Phillips Even in a down year he was just a couple of homers and four steals from a 4th straight 20/20 season. Moreover, Phillips has averaged 21 homers and 24 steals in his five seasons with the Reds. His batting average is rarely impressive, he owns a .267 career mark, but his ability to produce homers and steals is unparallelled at the position the past five seasons.

The Middle Infielder code is: Have Glove, Will Travel

By Ray Flowers



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