You're killing me.

I say that with all due respect mind you. Let me tell you what I mean.

I sit at my computer all day, every day, typing away answering emails, writing articles, researching etc. It's a rather sad existence at times (who am I kidding, how great is it that I get to work in my slippers?). I'm used to long days, 12 hours is often the norm, so I'm not unfamiliar with onerous work schedules. So what did I mean when I led off this piece with “you're killing me?”

Simply put, my mailbox has been flooded with requests for the FREE player capsules I'm giving away. I'm borderline ecstatic at the response I've received, but at the same time I'm sending so many of these files back to you, the reader, that I needed to come up with a better plan moving forward. Hence, I'm going to be combing positions in order to cut down on the emails I'll need to send out.

In case you've missed it so far, here is how this all works.

(1) You stop by - Fantasy Baseball Blog.

(2) You'll get a chance to review a handful of the players at the position of the day.

(3) You'll find a CODE at the end of the article.

(4) You'll take that CODE and email it to me at:

(5) I'll send you back a neat and tidy PDF file with the top-50 or so players at the position that is under discussion for that day.

How does that sound to you?

The best part?

How about the cost... it's 100% FREE.

All I ask is that you tell a friend.

FIRST BASE / THIRD BASE Again, to lighten the workload a bit, I figured I would combine corner infielders (1B, 3B) today.

Here are a few examples of what you will receive in the PDF.

Derrek Lee When healthy he has rarely been great but he is almost always very good. In each of his last 10 healthy seasons he has hit at least 19 homers with 70 runs and 70 RBI. Those numbers don't sound exciting, but since 2000 his total of 10 such seasons leads all first basemen. Age is catching up with him, and he never runs anymore, but he is a safe option if you don't reach.

Aubrey Huff Huff and the Rally Thong helped lead the Giants to the World Series, and they'll both be back for two more years in San Francisco. One of only four first basemen to hit .290 with 25 homers, 85 RBI and 100 runs, Huff rebounded from a disastrous 2009 to post his 7th 20-homer season and his 6th season of 85 RBI. If you pay for a repeat you should be on fairly solid ground.

Pablo Sandoval Thinking the way to major league success was paved with pizza and profiteroles, Sandoval's weight was/is a major issue. The Giants have put Pablo on notice that if he can't see his toes, he could be sent to the minors. Just a year removed from an all-star caliber season, Sandoval would benefit from a more patient approach. Can weight loss help that?

The Corner Infielder code is: Plentiful Power

One last thing. For those of you looking for some baseball talk, you can click on this link to the DSD Podcast. I talked with Aaron and Karter about Adam Wainwright, Albert Pujols, Miguel Cabrera and other topics around major league baseball.

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