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2014 SiriusXM Fantasy Football Draft

The SiriusXM Experts took to the airwaves Tuesday to do a fantasy football draft. How did the 14 experts do, and particularly, how did the Fantasy Alarm guys come through?

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SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio... you heard of it (Sirius 210, XM 87)? I host a show over there at 7 PM EDT (Monday-Friday and Sunday) so they asked me to participate in the SiriusXM Hosts League #2 Draft. How did I do in the 14 team, PPR setup? In what follows I'll lay it all out there on the line for you and allow you to critique away. Jeff Mans and Ted Schuster are also in the draft, so Fantasy Alarm is well represented in the battle of experts.

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14 teams, PPR-scoring. Here is the total scoring setup.

Event Points   Event Points
Number of Passing TDs 4 points   Receptions 1 point
Passing Yards 1 pt for 20 yards   Receiving 2 Pointers 2 points
Pass Interceptions Thrown -1 point   Number of Field Goals Made 3 points
Passing 2 Pointers 1 point   Number of Field Goals Made 4 points
Number of Rushing TDs 6 points   Number of Field Goals Made 5 points
Rushing Yards 1 pt for 10 yards   Number of Field Goals Missed -1 point
Rushing 2 Pointers 2 points   Extra Points 1 point
Number of Receiving TDs 6 points   Extra Points Missed -1 point
Receiving Yards 1 pt for 10 yards   Fumbles Lost on Offense -2 points

Here are the 14 participants.

1. Matt Camp
2. Corey Parson
3. Peter Schoenke
4. Adam Caplan
5. Lisa Ann
6. Ted Schuster
7. Jeff Mans
8. Scott Engel
9. Colton & The Wolfman
10. Nando DiFino
11. Byron Lambert
12. Dan Clasgens
13. Ray Flowers
14. Kyle Elfrink

Now on to the draft results.


Again, 16 rounds, drafting out of the #13 spot. Round the player was taken is in parenthesis.

QB: Tom Brady (8), Andy Dalton (12)
RB: DeMarco Murray (1), Reggie Bush (4), Fred Jackson (7), Darren McFadden (9), Ronnie Hillman (10), Lance Dunbar (11)
WR: Brandon Marshall (2), Larry Fitzgerald (3), Mike Wallace (5), Marques Colston (6)
TE: C.J. Fiedorowicz (13), Eric Ebron (14)
K: Phil Dawson (15)
DEF: Green Bay Packers (16)

I'll break down the squad on the next page.

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(By Round)

DeMarco Murray (RB1): If he can stay healthy he will have a huge season. Huge. He can catch passes and showed the ability to get into the end zone last year. The Cowboys will be behind all year and they will have to open things up on offense. It's gonna be a big offensive season in Dallas. 

Brandon Marshall (WR1): Seven straight years 80 receptions and 1,000 yards. In five of the last seven years it's been 100 receptions and 1,000 yards. Don't know anyone who doesn't have him in their top-5 wideout options this year. 

Larry Fitzgerald (WR2): Everyone thinks it's Michael Floyd or bust with the Cardinals this year. I still prefer the HOF bound Fitzgerald. So should you. 

Reggie Bush (RB2): He's a PPR threat and a solid RB2 in a 14 team league even sharing the backfield with Joique Bell. If Bush stays healthy this will be a money pick. 

Mike Wallace (WR3): All he needs is for his quarterback to understand that he's really fast and to lead him better. New OC Bill Lazor should be able to find inventive ways to get the ball in Wallace's hands – and that's when the magic happens.

Marques Colston (WR4): Turning point selection of this draft. I should have gone RB here. Why go Colston? Stability. He's the best WR4 in this league – some might not have a better WR2 to be honest – and this is a three WR and flex league so I can play all four each week (it's also PPR). Plus, the runners that were left at this point just didn't jump off the page so I went with the stability of Colston (the runner I would have taken actually ended up being my next selection). 

Fred Jackson (RB3): Always hurt, aging, but the Bills still seem to want him to not only play more snaps than C.J. Spiller but to also be the goaline back. Always productive. Decent option is he as an RB3 in a league this deep. 

Tom Brady (QB1): Wait on your quarterback. In the 8th round I took Brady, the 9th QB off the board. Would be greatly added if Danny Amendola, Rob Gronkowski and Shane Vereen can stay healthy.

Darren McFadden (RB4): Make fun of him all you want, but this guy still has oodles of talent. He could catch 4-5 passes a week, and there's a real chance he also gets some goaline work. Will his new role, sharing the backfield with Maurice-Jones Drew, allow him to stay healthy all year?

Ronnie Hillman (RB5): Really considered Knile Davis here but at the moment Montee Ball is more likely to have early season issues than Jamaal Charles, though Davis likely would be the better own over Hillman if both guys were thrust into a starting role. 

Lance Dunbar (RB6): I've got Murray so taken another Cowboy's back makes sense. Dunbar could have flex appeal in a league this deep as OC Scott Linehan has a history of getting multiple backs involved (think the Lions last year).

Andy Dalton (QB2): Not sexy or exciting. Almost went with Ryan Tannehill, but has a guy ever thrown for 33 scores and 4,293 yards like Dalton did last season and gotten less support? I'll answer – no. 

C.J. Fiedorowicz (TE1): I kept waiting on tight ends and they kept getting snaked before I could grab one. This call is a Jeff Mans special. You might discount that but let's roll back the tape 12 months. Do you know who was the only expert who had Jordan Cameron as a top-5 TE in their rankings? Yep, Jeff Mans. The man knows his tight ends.

Eric Ebron (TE2): Given that I certainly don't have an elite option at tight end, I decided to take an elite talent in Ebron instead of another wide receiver. Two points. (1) I have the best four wideouts in the league so I could afford to pass on taking a 5th. (2) Ebron and CJF give me a shot at weekly production, one cause of the role in his offense, the other cause of his athletic talent. 

Phil Dawson (K1): Our #1 kicker at Fantasy Alarm. See the Rankings

Green Bay Packers (D1): They have a Week 9 Bye so I can wait a long time to take another defense if they play as expected. Solid, nothing more. 

In closing...

I have a strong duo at quarterback. My runners are solid for a league this deep. Certainly took some chances, but the talent is undeniable. Will I regret going WR in the 6th round and not a runner? Possibly. My wideouts are the best in the league. My tight ends, yes two of them, should give me decent if unspectacular work. If my club stays healthy I've got a shot. What do you think?

* For the overall draft results you can click on the link to the MyFantasyLeague page.

* For some audio of the first round click on the link to SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio.


  • 64x64

    Ray Flowers 24 Jun 18:11 / Reply

    CCBiggs - you realize you are commenting on a draft from 12 months ago here... right? This was a 2014 draft, not the one the other day in NY.

  • 64x64

    CCBiggs 23 Jun 11:44 / Reply

    Wow, that was not a good draft for you... Even for a 14 team league.

  • 64x64

    FlcnFn 30 Aug 00:54 / Reply

    What is the skinny on that TE Fiedorowicz?

  • 64x64

    Wellitmustbenice 27 Aug 23:06 / Reply

    Note to self: Jeff Mans knows tight ends!

  • 64x64

    Adam Kramer 27 Aug 12:11 / Reply

    Hi Ray - I have the 3rd pick in a 12 team PPR league with super-flex position so we can start 2 QBs. We can keep 2 players drafted round 3 or later so most studs are still around. I have kept Kaepernick and Stacy. Who should I target with my first pick? I can pretty much get my choice of a top 3 QB or RB or probably even Calvin.

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