Stephen Strasburg should be on your bench and Norichika Aoki should be in your lineup. So is the world of batter versus pitcher matchups. Ray Flowers points out some other nuggets as you get ready to set your baseball lineup for August 14th. 

* NOTE: Players are listed in alphabetical order for the sake of making them easily sortable/findable. The matchups are also generated based on Batter vs. Pitcher data. 

DISH DIAMONDS – The Best Hitting Matchups of the Day
Norichika Aoki is finally hitting (see the Mailbag piece) and he's also had success against Jeff Samardzija in his career going 7-for-16 (.438). 

Adrian Gonzalez has eight hits in 20 at-bats against Aaron Harang. Three of those hits are big flies and he's driven in six runners. Matt Kemp also lights up Harang Continue...