There are all kinds of ways I could choose to look at pitchers. I threw a dart and made a decision. Where did the dart land? Try on Sunday August 10th. Therefore, I'm breaking down a whole host of starting pitchers that took the hill on that day. Which guys are trending in a positive or negative way?Anyone you should be pumped to own, while conversely, are there any arms it would be wise to try and move on from before the proverbial rug is pulled out from beneath their feet?


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Miguel Enguidanos 

Well Ray I did the math following the A's dreadful August (.414 ball). If each team plays the exact same percentage as they did in August. LAA 100-62 (17 wins)/ BAL 97-65 (18 wins)/ KC 92-70(18 wins)/ SEA 90-72 (17 wins) and OAK (11 wins) and CLEV (18 wins) in a tie for the last WC at 89-73. Detroit would finish 2 back of Oakland and Cleveland. It's amazing to me the A's could go 11-15 and still be in a sad state of contention. Do they have any chance at getting better? Your Giants are on a roll.

Leif Jackson 

Sorry it's a keeper league too!

Leif Jackson 

CJ Wilson and Taveras for Cueto?

Leif Jackson 

Thanks Ray! Dropped that bum Guthrie and picked Rondon back up! Yeah not a big fan of the H2H points's fun to go up against a buddy and talk smack but if he's got Kershaw starting twice in a week and your aces only have one makes for a tough week. Do you have a few suggestions on who to target using CJ Wilson in a package (with someone else from my team) that may seem appealing. Nice that Wilson finally got a W last start too...good timing.

Ray Flowers 

Leif Jackson - Makes little sense to ever drop closers. Ever. However, only 7 pitchers, and h2h forces you to do things I would not recommend. Guthrie over Rondon is simply not good policy long term. Since it's a pts lg though, and this is why I DISLIKE H2H so much, you end up dropping better players to add ones that help in your scoring system. Guthrie is blah, and hard to trust Wilson right now. Might investigate making changes there.

Leif Jackson 

And by Rendon...I mean Hector Rondon! ha

Leif Jackson 

Hey Ray! 12 Team H2H points league. C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS,3 OF, 2 UTIL, 2 SP, 2 RP, 2 P, 7 Bench. Trade deadline is coming up in 5 days and guys have made moves to improve their teams. We have two divisions. I'm in 1st in my division with an 11-7 record. Tied with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in the other division. I have McCann at C - DL (picked up Ramos) Rizzo, Kipnis, Longo, Rollins, Bruce, Marte, Span, Rajai Davis, David Wright and Tavares. Pitchers can be rotated in all week (only 4 add/drops per week) Greinke, Samardzija, Weaver, Porcello, Liriano, Shelby Miller, Porcello, and C.J. Wilson are my core. Cishek and Casilla are my relievers. Dropped Rendon and Petricka to snag Hendricks and Guthrie as 2 starts. Should I hold steady and be confident or try and make a move? If so what would you suggest? Thanks! All your articles and advice have definitely been paying off! BOOM!

matthew green 

Thank you sir, as always.

Ray Flowers 

matthew green - this is bottom of the barrel. lol Elias and Fiers likely at the top as of today. Burnett/Masterson bear watching, but cannot be trusted. Guthrie/Correia can be matchup plays, nothing more. Cingrani has a great arm but obviously is nowhere near being able to help right now.

matthew green 

Ray after a ton of trade deadline deals in my 16 team H2H I left myself very weak at pitcher. Which of these guys do you think can help me most - Maybe pick two for me to grab? Also I know you hate some of these guys and I have your rankings also to go by but some of these guys arent even ranked, I am scraping the bottom of the barrel haha. Elias Buehrle Cingrani Yusmero Petit Burnett Masterson Peavy Straily Fiers Cahill Noesi Guthrie Correia

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