Mike Trout is a disappointment. Can the same be said about Yordano Ventura? What about Billy Hamilton or Gregory Polanco? Matt Kemp has found his groove, Matt Shoemaker has been pretty impressive given where he came from, and for the last three months Pablo Sandoval has been an all-star. Believe any of that? Read on to find out what Ray Flowers thinks.


(image) Yovani Gallardo has made 23 starts this season for the Brewers. He's won six games and will have to have some luck the rest of the way to reach 12 wins for the sixth straight year. After striking out a batter per inning from 2009-12 he slipped to 7.17 per nine last season. This year the number is even lower at 7.02. He's cut his walk rate down to 2.51 so at least his Continue...

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Ray Flowers 

Christopher Backhaus - Shoemaker for next week. Kelly doesn't do enough, and Hellickson has little to get excited about.

Christopher Backhaus 

Hello Ray, Forget the Offense question, Just saw the rankings. Austin Jackson!

Christopher Backhaus 

Hello Ray, Nice article. I was actually looking at 3 SP options to add when I came to read your article. For next week, which is the best bet to add: Hellickson vs Rangers & Yanks Kelly vs Reds & Astros Shoemaker vs Phillies Is Hellickson the best for the long run? I prefer an SP with 2 starts. Also, which you prefer going forward: Beltran, Austin Jackson, Pagan or Coghlan. Thanks

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