Matt Schaub stinks. Just ask around. This is what pretty much everyone believes. Did you know that the last three seasons in which Schaub has appeared in 16 games he's thrown for at least 4,000 yards with 22 scores? Did you know that Tony Romo threw for only 3,828 yards last season? How about that Andrew Luck only threw for 23 scores? Point being that Schaub was a productive passer when he was healthy enough to play the full schedule. No worries Texans fans Schaub is out after he was moved to the Raiders. Now you get... Ryan Fitzpatrick. How will the move under center impact the Texans offense in 2014? We'll investigate. 

Matt Schaub (to Raiders): 219-for-358, 2,310 yards, 10 scores, 14 INTs 

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