Ray Flowers was shocked by the 7-1 loss of Brazil to Germany in the semi-finals of the World Cup. Who wasn't? He was able to gather himself, of course, in time to breakdown the matchups for majior league play on Wednesday. Still shocking was that game of futbol.

* NOTE: Players are listed in alphabetical order for the sake of making them easily sortable/findable. The matchups are also generated based on Batter vs. Pitcher data. Just because a player is not listed does not mean that he is a bad or good play. The players listed below are mentioned merely because of the BVP data for the matchup.

DISH DIAMONDS – The Best Hitting Matchups of the Day
Good matchups due to success at home:

Austin Jackson, seriously, has hit .310 in 42 games at home. J.D. Martinez is at .309 with seven homers in 81 at-bats. 

Steve Pearce has Continue...

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Ray Flowers 

Christopher Backhaus - Deal is a big win for this season. Pujols isn't likely to be a keeper, ditto Doolittle, ditto Hamels. But it's a win this year.

Christopher Backhaus 

Thanks Ray for your prompt answer. I think I won't do the Upton deal. One last question, another team sent me: Pujols + Hamels + Doolite for Stanton. If done, I would drop Hawkins and probably Alvarez. Keepers then will probably be: Yu, Edwin and Cespedes or Pujols. Thoughts? Many thanks as always.

Ray Flowers 

Josh from... Kryant is a great value IF he becomes who we think he will be. Tanaka already IS that guy. No issue with going 20 for him next year. However, I don't like the idea of spending $30 on a pitcher. Not horrible, but possible to do it. Deal helps HUGE this year. if it helps you to win, do it.

Josh from... 

Hi Ray. What are your thoughts about K. Bryant for M. Tanaka under these circumstance: K. Bryant can be kept for 3 years as follow: $1 1st year; $5 2nd year, $15 3rd year. M. Tanka can be kept for 2 years as follow: $20 2nd year, $30 3rd year. I’m playing for THIS year so Tanaka will help me tons. But the prices are very different for the two players…

Ray Flowers 

Christopher Backhaus - I think you can consider Upton to be a keeper here too. I think the trade offer to you is fair. At same time, Cain isn't a keeper so I see your dilemma. How much of a change will Cain make? I'm a big fan, but is he appreciably better than Duffy/Odorizzi? Maybe, maybe not. Deal is passable, and I would likely do it, but it's by no means a slam dunk since you will also have to drop a player to make the deal.

Christopher Backhaus 

Hello Ray, Currently 6th place out of 12 teams H2H. Last team is on fire sale, and offerred me: Justin Upton and Matt Cain for Giancarlo Stanton. I would definetely make the trade but I'm holding back since is a 3 player keeper league and Stanton is one of them. Should I make the trade? Current team: Lucroy, Chisenhall, Pedroia, Alvarez, Andrus, Stanton, Cespedes, Marte, Hunter, Arenado, Edwin (DL). Yu, Shields, Kluber, Burnett, Hudson, CJ Wilson, Duffy, Odorizzi, Melancon, Holland, Hawkins, Lee (DL), Alex Meyer (NA). Thanks for your comments.

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