Ryan Howard is moving his hands in his stance. Will it matter in terms of his production? When will the Brewers call up the streaking Jimmy Nelson? How is Casey McGehee doing what he's doing? Is Howie Kendrick a fantasy superstar? Is there an AL starting pitcher for the Twins that you should be paying closer attention to? And what about hot performers like Suzuki, Infante, Pearce and Calhoun?Posts


(image) Ryan Howard has decided to change his stance by dropping his hands. “I guess my hands have crept up over the years," said Howard. "I think when I first came up, they were lower. It’s a weird feeling but, you know, I’m trying something new. I’m trying to get my hands in the zone faster and keep them in the zone." The change Continue...

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Ray Flowers 

Michael Magid - Pretty sure I answered your question with my first response, didn't I?

Michael Magid 

Yes, but the reference to Hill being "just another guy" at 2B make me think that Infante might have some more upside the rest of this season. Close call here? Neither worth fretting about?

Ray Flowers 

Michael Magid - My rankings on second sackers are only a week old at this point, still good to go off of - http://www.fantasyalarm.com/rankings.php

Michael Magid 

Ray in a 12 team roto, is it worth dumping Aaron Hill for Wong or Infante?

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