Tuesday's matchups are analyzed by Ray Flowers. Who has a matchup they can exploit? Who has a difficult matchup you might be better served to pass on? Ray mines the data to help you to answer these and many other baseline questions to help you set your lineup for the first day of July.  


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Ray Flowers 

Randy Mangolt - Well, Nathan is a mess, and Casilla I don't trust to hold off Romo long term, so adding another CL is a solid idea. I have no issue with the proposed deal. One thing. Cespedes is always getting hurt. I like Gordon a lot, but he's also just a moderate OF in this shallow setup.

Randy Mangolt 

Ray, Is it dumb to consider trading JUp for Kimbrel? We play 3 OF and I have Braun, Cespedes and Gordon. My closers now are Kenley, Nathan and Casilla. Thanks for the ranking update today.

Ray Flowers 

Christopher Backhaus - Can do either deal and not feel terrible about it. At the same time, is it worth doing? Duffy/Hudson are clearly the lower level arms, but both have been pretty darn solid. If dealing for Zimmerman... I just dont think that's enough. As much as I like Zimm, the one thing that sets him back is a lack of Ks. If I'm giving two solid arms for one, I'd like the one arm to be a nice power thrower.

Christopher Backhaus 

Hello Ray, Good Morning. Trying to trade Duffy + Hudson for a very good SP. I have two scenarios at the moment: Duffy + Hudson for Zimmerman, OR Duffy + Hudson + Burnett for Zimemrman and Archer What you think? Thanks

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