Once more into the breach. Ray Flowers breaks down the batter versus pitcher data for Wednesday June 25th. He also speaks of Bigfoot, a very odd situation with a sculpture, and what you should be doing if you're interested in toning up your stomach muscles.

* NOTE: Players are listed in alphabetical order for the sake of making them easily sortable/findable. The matchups are also generated based on Batter vs. Pitcher data. Just because a player is not listed does not mean that he is a bad or good play. The players listed below are mentioned merely because of the BVP data for the matchup.

DISH DIAMONDS – The Best Hitting Matchups of the Day
Adrian Beltre is turning sample size on it's head Wednesday. He has only eight at-bats against Anibal Sanchez but he's produced six hits and three RBIs. 

Adrian Gonzalez has a homer and the following Continue...

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Ray Flowers 

Matt Granese - Thanks for the support and kind words. This is the page you want to bookmark: http://www.fantasyalarm.com/events.php?page=22 It has all the Daily Info links on it. There is no one answer. It's a combination of everything. Salary, projections, BVP, handedness, location, weather, current trends etc. Not trying to be opaque, just admitting that there isn't one single piece, it's combining everything, using all the tools, to come p with the best answer. You're certainly on the right track.

Matt Granese 

Ray, I listen to your show as often as possible and lately Jeff/Ted at 6pm as I prepare my lineups for daily on FanDuel. My success has been very up and down. I won a big tournament in May but have been mostly downhill in tournaments and 50/50's since. I need advice on the best way to use the daily projections provided by this site. Should I download them daily and focus on Projected Point/Salary alone? thanks Matt Granese

Ray Flowers 

Christopher Backhaus - I think Hudson alone should be enough to deal for Bailey. Shouldn't take both.

Christopher Backhaus 

Hello Ray, Would you offer Tim Hudson and Duffy for Bailey? Thanks

Ray Flowers 

Michael Magid - With the way he's pitching,l he's always a decent play. However, he's failed to go 5.2 innings his last two starts, has walked six, and he's allowed 12 runs his last 17.1 innings. Moderate play.

Michael Magid 

Ray, any thoughts on Ian Kennedy? He's mentioned in the hot hotter as well as your cold ones. Is he a decent go at San Fran today? Thanks!

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