Thursday poses the same daily dilemma you've been dealing with every day for the major league baseball season. Do you go with the BVP data? Do you go against it? How much weight do you give it? Ray Flowers presents the data so you can make up your mind.

* NOTE: Players are listed in alphabetical order for the sake of making them easily sortable/findable. The matchups are also generated based on Batter vs. Pitcher data. Just because a player is not listed does not mean that he is a bad or good play. The players listed below are mentioned merely because of the BVP data for the matchup.

DISH DIAMONDS – The Best Hitting Matchups of the Day
What do you know. Darwin Barney is 6-for-12 against Edinson Volquez.

Curtis Granderson has eight hits, including two homers, over 17 at-bats against Kyle Lohse who was torched in Continue...

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Ray Flowers 

Joseph Minz - There is no reason to have three C's. Gattis is just blah in OF anyway. He's MUCH better in catcher spot. If you could deal him for Altuve I would have no issue with that. However, if you start two Cs, might want to keep Gattis since he's a 30th rounder and deal one of the other two catchers.

Ray Flowers 

Darren Graham - I wouldn't say it's a bad idea at all. Bruce is every bit the hitter that Springer is. I fact, Springer wants to become what Bruce is. Bruce has been cold. Springer dealing with a knee. Kind of about how you look at players. You want guy that's done it? OR Guy that could do it?

Darren Graham 

Hey Ray, would you say that Jay Bruce for my Springer is a good idea? thanks

Joseph Minz 

Hey Ray I'm absolutely tearing my league up in the power department (in 1st by over 20 HR and 50 RBI). I can move up about 7 spots in the SB category and 3-4 in the Runs category with one speed player.
No one avail on waiver (12 team 35 man roster).

I'm using Gattis in the outfield and have Pierz and Montero as catchers. Considering trading Gattis for Altuve (if he'll take it cause he needs power badly). Gattis is a 30th round keeper for me. would you trade him for speed in my situation? Do you like Altuve keeping up the stolen bases and runs through the season?


Ray Flowers 

jhonny muriel - Glad I've been able to help through the dark times. No HanRam today, Agone and Kemp struggling, Simon's a solid play.

Ray Flowers 

Joseph Sproul - He is slated to miss 50% of the remaining season. I'd only stash him if you can hold on your DL spot. You just dont have a deep enough bench.

jhonny muriel 

Hey Ray..should I start simon against the dodgers today?..Thank've been a lot of help even though my team still sucks...can't get a break or a hit..

Joseph Sproul 

Hey Ray, I am sure you've mentioned something on your show or in another question but I missed it. I just had made a trade for Cuddyer and now he's out for a couple months. In a 12 team 5x5 with (3 bench spot and 1 DL) is he worth to stash or drop? I am afraid when he comes back he'll be all out of whack.

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