Tuesday is the day to make it happen. Actually, you need to make it happen every day, but I just needed a catchy lead in for the BVP piece for June 10th. Here are some of the matchups that you should make yourself aware of before setting your daily lineup.

* NOTE: Players are listed in alphabetical order for the sake of making them easily sortable/findable. The matchups are also generated based on Batter vs. Pitcher data. Just because a player is not listed does not mean that he is a bad or good play. The players listed below are mentioned merely because of the BVP data for the matchup.

DISH DIAMONDS – The Best Hitting Matchups of the Day
Jose Bautista has six hits in nine at-bats against Kevin Correia. The slugger has hit two homers and has riven in five runs. Jose Reyes has also joined Continue...

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Ray Flowers 

Vince - Longo/Pence FOR Bogaerts/Bryant/DanMurphy. Big win for 2014. Might be a loss come 2016. Deal is OK to do though.


Daniel Murphy NYmets

Ray Flowers 

Richard Costa - Ortiz for Molina I'm ok with. A bit of an overkill, going with the top-2 catchers (Molina, Lucroy), but can do.

Ray Flowers 

Miguel Enguidanos - The deal is ok to make. HanRam best hitter, but Andrus has been very solid for 4 yrs, and unlike HanRam he's never hurt. Adding Papelbon helps solve a need you have too. I would drop Santana out of that group. However, given how well he has done, try a 2 for 1 deal with him. Someone is likely to bite.

Ray Flowers 

Dean Breakfield - Votto is back today. That will help. You didn't list anything for Stanton, i.e. trades. (1) Who are the players? No telling when a guy gets dealt... 3 months of a good guy maybe not be better than 5 months of an avg guy. (2) NO idea who will be traded or when either. tough call. (3) Cannot drop Pederson for Barney. Bad idea. Pederson is a guy who could be traded, or another one of the LAD's could be dealt to.

Ray Flowers 

Vince - Longo/Pence Bogaerts, Bryant and which Murphy? There are two D Murphy's.


Ray, a trade question: I got offered a trade, Ben Zobrist AND Matt Latos FOR Jason Kipnis. I have Kipnis. I play in a 10 team, mixed, points, H2H league. My pitching is DL depleted and weak right now. Am I giving up on Kipnis and giving in to his slow start ? Or take the deal and whistle. Ritch


Hi ray. Thanks for the feedback. He came back and offered longoria and pence for the same 2 plus d murphy. My full roster. C Ramois. 1 Pujols. 2 kipnis. 3 rendon. SS E Andrus. OF 3 Braun. J upton. C blackman. Util 2 Ortiz and dee gordon. Bench. D murphy. J singleton. J bruce. Bogaerts. Chisenhall. Still stay with what I have ? Thanks

Dean Breakfield 

Sir Ray, I am in a bit of a dilemma. I am in a NL only 12 team, 5x5 roto. I have been in first place the whole season until the injury bug hit. J.Fernandez, Votto, E.Young, Pollock, Uribe.. Now asking for a little advice. Should I just ride out the storm and wait until my hitters return or accept the 2 for 1mediocre offers for Stanton who I have? Also, since this is my first time doing an NL only ... 1. Do I keep passing on the waiver pick ups so I can have a higher waiver pick with hopes that a qualityAL player comes over to the NL? 2. Do you have maybe a top 5 players that could switch leagues (either way NL to AL or AL to NL) before the trading deadline? 3. Lastly, Joc Pederson... do I drop him to get a spot player like Darwin Barney? or still have hope. Thank you in advance ... and I love you guys' show!

Miguel Enguidanos 

Edited - Hi Ray, I'm in a 12 team 5x5. I'm in 2nd place. My batting categories all are in the top 3 except average. My worst category overall, is saves where I'm tied for 10th out of 12. I've been offered Andrus and Papelbon for Hanley Ramirez. Per your ranking Ramirez and Andrus are pretty close. I lose on HR but gain in SB. Andrus should be better in the other three categories. I would also put on waivers either Derrick Norris, Colby Rasmus (unlikely I would dump considering how he has done), Danny Santana (doing pretty well) or Lorenzo Cain. Thoughts? My pitching issues besides saves is too many starts. I offered CJ Wilson for Papelbon which may have been stupid but he rejected the trade.

Richard Costa 

Ray - Thanks for the feedback. Would Ortiz straight up for Molina still be too much? I was thinking that with both Napoli and Singleton in the line-up I would make up most of the offense. Plus, Molina and Lucroy would give me two of the top catchers in a two-catcher, twelve team league.

Ray Flowers 

Richard Costa - Napoli for Perez would be decent if Perez were hitting like he can. Been rough. Dont love the deal. The other deal - you're overpaying, especially if you're gonna end up going to Casilla off waivers.

Ray Flowers 

Vince - no reason to do this deal. Chisenhall is amazing right now, killing Longo anyway. Not saying that will happen ROTW, but Rendon/Boggy should be just fine. Given the way you can keep Bryant, just doesn't make a lot of sense to do this for me.


Hi Ray. Hope all is well. Trade question. 12 tm. I get longoria. Give up bogaerts and kris bryant. I have bryant in a na spot. And since I drafted him as long as I keep him in a na spot even if called up I can keep his as a late round pick for next year. I couod do the same thing again the following year as well. Thoughts? I have bogaerts, chisenhall and rendon for 3rd right now. Thanks.

Richard Costa 

Ray - Looking for some trade feedback. Currently in first place of 7x7 Roto league that starts two catchers. Looking to upgrade my second catcher (Zunino) by trading either a CI or David Ortiz. I just received two offers. Offer #1 - Mike Napoli for Salvador Perez Offer #2 - David Ortiz and Leonys Martin for Yadier Molina and Kyle Lohse (likely to drop Lohse and add Casilla from IR for Holds when activated) Do you like either or both offers? Batting Cats: AVG, OBP, DT, HR, R, RBI, Net SB Pitching Cats: ERA, WHIP, QS, H,S,Net Wins,K with 1500 IP Max Batting: Lucroy(C), Zunino(C), Abreu(1B), Kipnis(2B), A. Cabrera (SS), Bogaerts (MI), Zimmerman (3B), Mike Napoli (CI), Gomez/Arcia/Holliday/Brantley/Martin (OF)and Ortiz (DH) Bench: Singleton(1B), Wong (2B), Francisco (3B), Polance (OF) Pitching: Kershaw/F. Hernandez/CJ Wilson/Keuchel/Hammel (SP),Broxton/Watson/B. Wilson (Holds), Romo/Frieri/Rondon/Meija (Saves)

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