I had a long weekend, did you? Mixed too many drinks Saturday night while attending a birthday celebration for a friends 40th. I didn't embarrass myself, I think. I think. Need water and rest. Ah hell, I'll just blast through it like I always do. I'm indestructible right? Just wanted to share before getting to the matchups for Monday.

* NOTE: Players are listed in alphabetical order for the sake of making them easily sortable/findable. The matchups are also generated based on Batter vs. Pitcher data. Just because a player is not listed does not mean that he is a bad or good play. The players listed below are mentioned merely because of the BVP data for the matchup.

DISH DIAMONDS – The Best Hitting Matchups of the Day
Gordon Beckham. My favorite. He's lit up Rick Porcello. I know, I'm shocked I wrote that sentence too. Have to Continue...

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Ray Flowers 

Bryan Shisler - no idea because of one main fact - when will they get called up? Doesn't matter how talented a guy is if he doesn't play. Who will be dealt? Who will be hurt? No one knows at this point.

Bryan Shisler 

Ray, give us your top 5 hitting minor league prospects (say, head to head weekly total pts) for the (key) 2014 season once they get called up. Example: Bryant or Buxton, etc.

Ray Flowers 

Darren Graham - (1) Too much for me to give up. Goldy is the best player, but AGone is a very solid option at first, easily a top10 play. Price has struggled a bit, but still elite K and BB numbers. I wouldn't do thise deal. (2) I want the Hamels/Price/Santana side in the second deal.

Ray Flowers 

Järpen Fäviken - You want Gomez and Bryant. Zero question. Some folks have a fundmental misunderstanding of player values. Best case, Best, case, Buxton becomes what Gomez already is. LaStella can rap out singles but he's prado/kendrick. Bryant can be a 30-100-100 guy in the bigs.

Ray Flowers 

Richard Costa - Glad you're enjoying the site my friend. Ziegler is a strong option in holds leagues. Still, not worth dealing Napoli for. You obviously have depth to deal from at first, but this would still be an overpay. I wouldn't offer singleton either. Holds is just on category. You can still find much cheaper options I would think.

Ray Flowers 

Princivalli - Give me Pedroia. Zobrist should be fine, but he qualifies at multiple spots so you can just move him around.

Ray Flowers 

A Adler - Correct. Change made.

Ray Flowers 

Christopher Backhaus = Thoughts on Chisenhall - http://www.fantasyalarm.com/articles/flowers/18641/2014-fantasy-baseball-player-profile-lonnie-chisenhall/ Pounded red bull. oh, and went out again. lol Dilon Gee for Marte is a very solid deal. Good work.

Darren Graham 

sorry to clarify that's Carlos Santana.

Darren Graham 

Hello Ray scratch that last post, same guy just offered me Ryu/Goldschmidt for Hamels, Price, Santana. what you think? thanks

A Adler 

G. Richards is not pitching v CWS, rather Oakland-


Hi Ray I was offered Pedroia for Holliday in 6x6 league. Your thoughts? Gotta pretty good OF already but been struggling at 2b with Zobrist. thanks!

Richard Costa 

Ray, Great site, worth the price of admission. Question: I was offered Brad Ziegler for Mike Napoli in 7x7 league with Holds as a category. I have held strong without Napoli offensively and Holds is the only Pitching category where I can use a boost. I will still have Abreu and Singleton at first with Zimmerman and Francisco at 3b (we play 1b,3b and ci) for Batting. Is the value fair or should I counter and offer Singleton (he has no interest in Francisco)?

Järpen Fäviken 

Oops, sorry Ray. The trade offer is this: B. Buxton/La Stella for C. Gomez/K. Bryant Thanks!

Järpen Fäviken 

I'm in first place while my colleague is rebuilding. Go-Go (Carlos Gomez) can help me tremendously (will he buy me a championship? Who knows...), yet I have a hard time letting Buxton go. I like Kris Bryant a lot, a power-hitter with a high ceiling (and along with Mig Sano, I will have two big guns in a relatively scarce position), but for some reason I'm attached to Buxton (okay, I'm a Twins fan ;) ). Gomez will replace M. Sounders who's on rent due to injuries.

Christopher Backhaus 

Hello Ray, How many Gatorade have you pounded to recover?? What is your estimate for ROS for Chisenhall? Also, traded DL Gee for Marte - buying low I think. Good move? thanks.

Darren Graham 

Hello Ray, is Price and A. Gonz too much for Goldschmidt? I have Kershaw, Weaver, Hamels, Fister, and Gio on the DL. its 10tm mixed. thanks


Goodnight Mr Ray. Thank you. God bless you. Best regards.

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