I love getting bashed, it's my favorite pastime. No one is perfect, least of all me. If you play the daily game you have to understand that this is an inexact science. Trying to pick out one game out of 162 and delineate the best players --- that's hard to do. At Fantasy Alarm we have all kinds of tools to help you in the daily game so make sure you avail yourself of all of them. Let's get to the BVP info for Friday.


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Ray Flowers 

Jonathan Layden - Burnett concerns warranted. The walks are a certain issue. He hasn't been this guy in years though, so I'm hopeful he cuts them down. I wouldn't drop him for rookies who have a total of one big league start between them though.

Jonathan Layden 

Ray, Is it time to get concerned about AJ Burnett despite the 11K's last night? He seems to be walking guys an awful lot as of late? Should I ride this out or follow my itchy trigger finger to Strohman or stash of Heaney? The rest of my rotation features Strasburg, Kluber, Bauer, Tyson Ross, and Shelby Miller. Thanks, -J


14-team mix, 5x5. Bench spot: help me choose one player: Luis Valbuena, Freese, C. Quentin, Josh Harrison, Michael Saunders, Tommy Medica, Sean Rodriguez?

Darren Graham 

Lol thanks Ray! and yes im all for trades. It makes H2H leagues way more fun!! I think ill hang on to Kershaw for his 2 start week next week though. Cheers

Ray Flowers 

Darren Graham - Trading crazy! You can do that second deal too. I'm all for that one.

Ray Flowers 

Christopher Backhaus - We've got a really good one now actually. Go to http://www.fantasyalarm.com/baseballguys. *** top right in RED find Search BaseballGuys. *** Put the player name in there, and every article with the guy shows up.

Darren Graham 

Hello Ray, I just recently acquired Kershaw in a deal that I lost J Upton in. I was thinking of flipping Kershaw and try this deal: My Kershaw and Springer for McCutch and Madbaum. What you think? thanks

Christopher Backhaus 

Thanks Ray. a recommendation to the site, can a better search engine be used for the section on player profile. If there is one, I haven't found it. regards.

Ray Flowers 

Christopher Backhaus - Napoli and Alvarez aren't that different if being used at CI. Obviously Napoli can given you more in the AVG column, but he's also more frequently hurt. Holland is elite, and while Chavez has been really good he's just no Holland. Give me the Alvarez side.

Christopher Backhaus 

Hello Ray, Will you make the following trade: Give: Napoli and Jesse Chavez Get: Pedro Alvarez and Holland i need a closer with Melancon back to set up. My team: Lucroy, Garet Jones, Pedroia, Encarnacion, Andrus, Stanton, Cespedes, Hunter, Moreland. Napoli DL, Arenado DL. I picked up Jones and Moreland recently to off set the DLs Yu, Lee (DL), Verlander, Shields, Gee (DL), Hudson, Burnett, Chavez, De la ROsa, Duffy, Rosenthal, and Melancon. thanks

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