Godzilla. Beer goggles. Old animals. Oh yeah, there will also be discussion of batter versus pitcher data. That's why we're here right? Sometimes I get carried away with the fun stuff and forget about why I'm really here.

DISH DIAMONDS – The Best Hitting Matchups of the Day
Yonder Alonso stinks, but he's hitting .500 with a homer in 12 at-bats against Edwin Jackson. Maybe Jedd Gyorko gets things going Friday given that he's produced four hits and five RBIs off EJax (six AB). One of the hits was a homer.

Marlon Byrd continues to have a strong season and that could keep going Friday even thought Clayton Kershaw is on the bound. Byrd is 6-for-11 against the lefty.

Melky Cabrera keeps on hitting. Don't look for that to stop Friday when he takes on Scott Kazmir as the slap hitting has hit .409 with Continue...

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Ray Flowers 

Joseph Sproul - He's looked bad at the worst time. Should be fine, but that doesn't mean he's getting 9th inning looks. All depends who you add, but in theory you could make the move.

Joseph Sproul 

Hey ray, I've been holding Cody Allen for awhile but now I need the roster spot. Is he worth holding onto for saves or safe to drop. Our league starts 9 pitchers per week (SP/RP) and a bench of only 3. Thanks for all you do

Ray Flowers 

zebeck - What is your need? Bourn/Young only bring one thing. I find it difficult to believe playing both on one team is smart. You'll get your steals, but the duo will be AWFUL in HR/RBIs. I'd go Holliday side.


Which side: E. Young and M. Bourn for M. Holliday? 14-tem mix, 5x5.

Ray Flowers 

David B - Cruz always misses 30 games, but with how good he's been he's a nice trade chip. Ryu and Cain, let's call that a wash. Is Cruz for Weaver OK? Sure it is, but with Cruz's success I still would have liked to have seen you get a bit more, especially since Cain has that hamstring issue right now.

David B 

Hey Ray. My Pitching has been anemic so i just traded away cruz and ryu for weaver and cain. Good move?

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