Sometimes you're inspired and greatness flows through your fingers. Today is not one of those days. Mind you even with my “Oracleness” at less than 100 percent I still feel like I've been able to lay out the matchups pretty well for Thursday, May 22nd. Hopefully you will agree. I think it's the inevitable hangover after watching Godzilla smash up the world last night.

DISH DIAMONDS – The Best Hitting Matchups of the Day
Charlie Blackmon has been a star this season, we all know it. He's also getting a chance to hit in Colorado (his home OPS is nearly 1.200) against the returning from injury Tim Hudson. Toss in a 5-for-8 spell in the matchup and Blackmon is a good bet to have success.

If Coco Crisp is healthy enough Continue...

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Ray Flowers 

Kory dumond - As I noted, you're giving up the two best pitchers. Trout has been in a total funk for weeks now. Myers/Carepenter isn't a bad return, and when you add in that you should - with health - really win the SP deal if you stay put, I'm still not inclined to take it. Trout is on pace for less than 20 SBs this year... after avg. 40 the past two years and his hamstring is hurt.

Ray Flowers 

Miguel Enguidanos - I do ok for myself my friend ;-)

Miguel Enguidanos 

Ray, what gals are you calling at midnight? Are you drunk when you call them? How do they respond? You must be a stud, Ray.

Kory dumond 

My current starters are Bauer Bumgarner Samardzija Kazmir Bailey Ross Ventura Shields Kluber and Gio.. I have Kipnis at 2b and Fraizer to play 3b, if Carpenter goes.. My OF and HR/SB are weak areas SP is strong.. I feel like I can afford the loss there to pick up some stats of need.. Do you agree?

Ray Flowers 

Kory dumond - Paying a VERY high price. I'd rather have Bailey/Gio than the two arms you are getting. Carpenter/Myers are alos solid plays. All depends on your team situation, but if it was me, I'd take the side of the four.

Kory dumond 

Ray would you advise me to pull the trigger on this deal.. Receive Trout/Archer/Hutchison send Carpenter/Myers/Bailey/Gio.. Am very strong SP.. Thank you

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