Did you know? It's a favorite little game of mine. I like to point out factoids that surprise folks. It's just in my nature. What follows is a list of data points that will blow your mind. Well, at least it will be an interesting read. I hope.

Did you know...

Matt Adams has a better batting average than Eric Hosmer (.286), Joe Mauer (.283), Albert Pujols (.269), Joey Votto (.257) and Prince Fielder (.247)? Adams is hitting .309 by the way. He also has one homer in 165 at-bats, this after hitting 19 in his first 382 big league at-bats. That means his rate has dropped from one every 20.1 at-bats to one every 83 at-bats. Oh, and there's this. Despite hitting .309 he's only walked four times all year leading to a .322 OBP that is two points below his career mark.

Robinson Cano is batting .318 and on pace for about 85 RBIs? Did you also know that his 0.67 BB/K, .353 BABIP and 21.9 percent line drive rate are all better than his career levels? He's not been great, but rumors of his demise are simply way off the mark.

Johnny Cueto leads baseball in innings pitched with 72? He's also averaging eight innings a start. If he kept that up for 33 starts he would throw 264 innings. Only twice since 2000 has a pitcher tossed 260 innings: Roy Halladay (266 in 2003) and Randy Johnson (260 in 2002). By the way, in six previous seasons Cueto has thrown 190 innings only one time.

Did you know four men are tied for the big league “lead” with six loses? Only one of them has an ERA under five: Brett Oberholtzer (5.68), Hector Santiago (5.09), Brandon McCarthy (5.01) and Charlie Morton (.345). Two pitchers in baseball have five loses with an ERA under 2.70: Jon Lester (2.67) and Andrew Cashner (2.35).

Adam Jones has four walks this season? As a result his OBP is .294. David Ortiz has that beat by .100 points (.394).

James Loney has hit exactly .300 since the start of last season? He's one of only 21 big leaguers to reach that mark in more than 600 plate appearances since the beginning of 2013.

Angel Pagan is one of two men in baseball to be hitting .320 with nine steals? He's hitting .321 with nine steals while Charlie Blackmon is batting .339 with nine steals.

David Price leads baseball with a 12.83 K/BB ratio? He has 77 strikeouts an only six walks on the year. That means he leads baseball in strikeouts. Only once since 2000 has a pitcher thrown 162 innings with a K/BB ratio over 10 (Cliff Lee 10.28 in 2010). No pitcher has every finished a season with a mark over 10 and an ERA over 3.25. Price is currently at 4.28 in the ole ERA category.

James Shields has allowed eight unearned runs? His current ERA is 2.67 but if you add in the unearned runs his ERA would leap to 3.74. His career ERA is 3.75. Johnny Cueto leads baseball with a 1.25 ERA. He hasn't allowed a single unearned run.

Seth Smith is batting .100 points higher than Chris Colabello? Smith is at .333, Colabello .233. the beleaguered Twin also has nine walks and 49 Ks on the year. He's only batted 150 times on the season meaning he's striking out once every three at-bats, and over his last seven games he hasn't been able to produce one hit, not one.   

Masahiro Tanaka has allowed as many homers as walks allowed? He has seven of each over eight starts.  

Troy Tulowitzki has a .393 batting average an a .393 BABIP? He's never had a BABIP over .335 before. His home numbers are also mind blowing. In 18 games at home he has eight homers, 24 RBIs, 25 runs scored and is batting .571.


Ray Flowers 

Troy Paulsen - Bogaerts is a 15 steal guy. He's not getting there this year, but that could be where he ends up in the future. He's not gonna help much this year.

Ray Flowers 

Jim - It's always about constructing a team. People often miss that. We're not playing football where everyone just scores points. In baseball we're playing categories. You need power guys, speed guys. You need K guys, save guys. Does you no good to win homers by 49. You get the same point total if you win the category by two. You should always be trying to fill categories at the draft - it's why I talk about category targets every year.


Good read, Ray, thanks. Strategy question for deep roto: We can't all have a staff full of Miggies and Trouts. What do you think of targeting late-round specialists like Dunn for power, offset with Loney for BA, or Carter and Pagan? Individually, they're marginal; but in pairs, maybe useful? Love your thoughts.

Troy Paulsen 

Good stuff Ray. I need steals and Bogaerts is available. Is he at least somewhat of a speed guy but just not stealing bases yet? I am ok on power and would have to drop Hardy to do it. Thoughts on this almighty Oracle?

Ray Flowers 

Stephen Youmans - As I noted in the article, it's crazy to think the innings are going to keep coming. Also, obviously, his performance will regress. I'm still a fan, but things will regress from here. If you can deal as an SP1, I'm for it.

Stephen Youmans 

Do you agree with Colton and Wolf that it is time to sell Cueto? Have a lot of stock in him because you were so high on him pre-season. Havent had a lot of love in trade offers so far... figure the best way to use him in trade would be a 2 for 2 with a power hitter a like a lesser arm for Cueto and a lesser bat.

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