Monday is a day everyone hates. You don't want to get out of bed. The coffee maker doesn't work right. The shower didn't warm up quickly enough. The gardener woke you up while mowing the lawn at an absurdly early hour. So you turn to baseball to soothe the pain. Unfortunately there's only a handful of games to review on this Monday as a whole bunch of teams are traveling.

DISH DIAMONDS – The Best Hitting Matchups of the Day
Erick Aybar has five hits in 12 at-bats against Dallas Keuchel. Howie Kendrick has four hits in 10 at-bats and he's batting .294 over 51 at-bats against lefties this season. Albert Pujols is hitting only .276 against lefties – it's even worse against righties (.267) – but he does have four homers an only six strikeouts in 55 at-bats.

Michael Brantley has an .858 OPS against Continue...

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Ray Flowers 

Jared Brummel - While Walker has been a big time HR performer, the rate is not sustainable, and Segura is no power bat. If you already have that trio at second, there's no need to add another 2B to the party. Dropping Duda doesn't bother me, and the trade isn't bad, but it doesn't really address your need.

Jared Brummel 

hey Ray! I was offered Segura and Neil Walker for my Jose Reyes. 5x5 roto non-keeper and I am currently dead last in HR. I have Wong, Lawrie, and Prado available for 2b. I would have to drop either Duda or Baez to make room for the 2 for 1. Is Walker a better option than those guys? I like Reyes but his hamstrings do make me a little nervous...

Ray Flowers 

Randy Mangolt - If Vmart isn't C eligible, go Davis. Martinez is a great hitter but unlikely to set a career best in AVG at this point of his career, and he's not likely to hit 30 homers for the first time.

Randy Mangolt 

Ray, Was offered Chris Davis in a trade for VMart. 12 team 5x5 mixed roto. I realize your rankings have them side by side but wondered if you had any other thoughts. Thanks Ray

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