I'm feeling a bit frisky today. Got some links to share, some thoughts to share, some players to bash. Pretty much everything you've come to expect from the Oracle in my daily look at pitcher versus batter matchups.

DISH DIAMONDS – The Best Hitting Matchups of the Day
Ryan Braun is back and he's got a matchup that's looking pretty tasty. Wandy Rodriguez is slated to make his return Thursday and in 49 career at-bats Braun is batting .367 with four homers, eight doubles and 11 RBIs against him. The result is a 1.222 OPS. Jonathan Lucroy figures to get into the act too since he's at .333-1-5 in 21 at-bats. Lyle Overbay is also hitting .444 (18 ABs) while Rickie Weeks is at .298 with two homers and nine RBIs over 47 at-bats.

Billy Butler bashes Wei-Yin Chen to the tune of a Continue...

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oh, nice article I enjoyed it. kizi


Who is the better long term keeper and to help win now? Jose Abreu or Robinson Cano. I have depth at 2B with Murphy and Rendon, so I can afford to trade Cano. Is he worth giving up for Abreu? Any other keeper you would target for Cano?

Ray Flowers 

Derek - Stepping up to give advice. Like it.

Ray Flowers 

Adam - Mesoraco likely the guy to take a shot on, but all of these guys are 2nd catchers in a 10/12 team lg.

Ray Flowers 

Randy Mangolt - You have a nice staff, but as we've seen pitchers are literally going down every day. Can't hurt to have depth there. VMart though ain't gonna keep this up, so it's not the worst time to trade him. Nothing wrong with the deal, but make sure everyone knows you're dealing VMart - you might get a better return from someone.


Randy, I'm not Ray, but IMO, your pitching staff is solid and VMart is having a huge year. I would think you could get much more for him right now if you really want to trade him, but why not hold him? If you only get pitching back in your trade, it will be very hard to replace the kind of production he's putting up.


Hi Ray, Would you trade Cano for Abreu in a Keeper league? Thanks.


Hey Ray - Catcher question: I purposely waited until late in my draft to grab a catcher (J. Castro) in hopes of plugging a guy in there and forgetting about the position. I dropped Castro during some roster shuffling and grabbed AJ Pierzynski. My question is 'who would you rather have for the rest of the year: Castro, AJ, Mesoraco, or it really doesn't matter'? Big fan of the drive. You and Kyle do a great job! Thanks.

Randy Mangolt 

Ray, Would you trade my VMart for Wacha in a 12 team mixed 5x5? My pitchers are Samardzjia, Cain, Kluber, Beckett and Ventura. Thanks Ray!

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