You gotta get over that hump folks. Two work days down, two to go (at least I guess that's the way it is for most. I'm not really complaining about my job, how could I, but I've worked at least six days a week for 15 years, and nearly every week it's seven days a week. Must be nice doing the M-F, 9-5 thing. I never wanted to work for the man though so I've never done the traditional thing.). So as we crest the summit of the week let's take a look at some matchups that favor both the hitter and pitcher.

DISH DIAMONDS – The Best Hitting Matchups of the Day

Norichika Aoki never hits homers. When I see that he has three homers in nine at-bats against Jhoulys Chacin I take notice.

Carlos Gomez has nine hits in 18 at-bats against Francisco Liriano. He's also gone Continue...

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Ray Flowers 

rafael - Ventura likely to be on the list.


Ventura reviewer pitcher for tomorrow?

Ray Flowers 

rafael - I do my writeup for the following day each night. I'm sorry it's not early enough for you, but I usually post around 11 PM PST. Given that games don't start until at least 10 AM PST the next day, that's 11 hours lead time. Sorry, can't do much better than that.


If Mr. Ray, who likes pitcher for tomorrow?

Ray Flowers 

Kory dumond - you are correct. good catch.

Ray Flowers 

rafael - you're welcome. Do you have a question my friend?


Good Afternoon Mr Ray. Thanks for your valuable article I congratulate you for the morning session Thursday that pitcher or pitchers liked?

Kory dumond 

Indians are facing McGowan tonight

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