Friday is the time to reflect. That is until Friday night when it is time to forget. Here are some of the more intriguing batter versus pitcher matchups for Friday the 9th of May.


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Joseph Minz 

Just to add: He offered me either Simmons or Villar. I can definitely use the steals. I'm top 2 in my league in all offense stats besides steals.


Hey Ray

I'm pretty good on pitching (depth and star power). Using Gyorko now as an MI who I picked up off waivers. Someone offered me Andrelton Simmons for Kluber (I give up Kluber). I cant say I really need Kluber, wanted to know your thoughts on Simmons. Think he can turn things around?


Ray Flowers 

zebeck - In 14 tm lg, McCarthy is the last guy I want on my staff. Ideally, he would be a streamer. He can't stay healthy, never has been able to, and I don't buy the Dom - he hasn't been that guy since the minors.


How do you feel about Brandon McCarthy? I'm in a 14-mix league with a bench spot. His skills were fantastic in April: 8.2 Dom, 2.2 Ctl, 55% GB%, 122 BPV. A 34% H%, 65% S%, but a crazy 27% hr/f caused his surface stats to implode.

Ray Flowers 

Järpen Fäviken - I haven't heard much from Rockies beat writers about that happening. His performance certainly dictates being in the conversation, but it doesn't look like that is where things are going. Sneaky stash though.

Järpen Fäviken 

Ray, how do you like Adam Ottavino's chances of becoming the COL Rockies closer?

Ray Flowers 

Michael Magid - If he was, wouldn't I have listed him above since I did list Hammel? ;-)

Michael Magid 

Ray, we all know about your love affair with Kluber but is he a safer go today than Hammel?

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