Should you be nervous when your pitcher has an ERA of 5.00 or if he's been bombed in an outing or two. Let me confuse you. Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes no. I'll try to explain that seemingly contradictory statement by taking a look at five men on the hill: Homer Bailey, Aroldis Chapman, Cliff Lee, Danny Salazar and Travis Wood.


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Michael Magid 

Ray, Cain comes back Saturday. One of these has to go: Kennedy, Niese, Kluber, Salazar (I see above so I will keep him, I know), Stroman, Frieri, Gregorson, Joe Smith (I have only those guys in my pen). I am thinking either Niese or Stroman...?

Ray Flowers 

Miguel Enguidanos - In Draft Guide I talk about baseline numbers.... ERA/WHIP not a good guide. K/9, BB/9, GB/FB better spots to look at. Also note... pitchers get hurt ALL the time, so dont dump starters cause you are over the season long pace right now.

Miguel Enguidanos 

ESPN has these 200 start limits. I've got two teams with around 60 starts each. I'm thinking of trying to trade SPs for RPs. I'm looking at your rankings for SP and then seeing who I think will have these metrics 1K per inning, less than 3.5 ERA and A WHIP around 1.22. Is this a good way to approach who I keep?

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