Should you be nervous when your pitcher has an ERA of 5.00 or if he's been bombed in an outing or two. Let me confuse you. Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes no. I'll try to explain that seemingly contradictory statement by taking a look at five men on the hill: Homer Bailey, Aroldis Chapman, Cliff Lee, Danny Salazar and Travis Wood.


Homer Bailey is fine. Keep telling yourself that. After his latest so-so effort the cavalcade of 'this guy sucks' emails/tweets was intense. My advice – stay the course.

His ERA is 5.64, his WHIP 1.64. Come on, you really think that is indicative of who Bailey is? Let me flat out tell you – it isn't. Simple really.

2014: 8.48 K/9, 3.12 BB/9, 1.91 GB/FB, 19.7 LD-rate
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