I get some form of the following question about 30 times a day. “I drafted Player X early and built my team around him. He's been awful so far. What do I do?” Maybe some of you reading this right now have sent me variations of that question. I'm going to look at on main example – power – in this piece and try to help you to ease some of your concern over slow starting players.



The Zeros

I hit 18 homers last season but in the month of April I hit zero homers.
I'm Brian Dozier

I hit 21 homers last season but in the month of April I hit zero homers.
I'm Matt Dominguez.

I hit 23 Continue...

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costarican chata  

hey Ray . where's the link to the full article ? if i click on the blue "continue" , all i get is this : https://www.fantasyalarm.com/pricing.php would really like to read what you have to say on this and other subjects , but sometimes this site is just too darn difficult to navigate . could you make it a bit simpler ? thanking you , in advance .

Chris Morelle 

Hey Ray, your piece on Verlander indicates it is time to move him. Yet your May rankings have him as the #13 overall starter for the remainder of the year. This would make him a #2 at worst. How do you reconcile the two opinions? Also, what level player would you give if you were to buy low? Thanks


Hi Ray...I'm getting a little panicky(if that's a word) and I'm trying to stay grounded. 5X5(obp in place of avg.) H2H NL only auction keeper league. I'm off to a very poor start and need some advice. My pitching is strong on paper MadBum, Samardzjia, Teheran, Cingrani, Peralta, Beckett, Kenley, and Papelbon. MadBum struggling and Cingrani a couple rough outings and DL stint now along with Kenley not so Kenley-like. I lost Harper, WilRamos, and Ruggiano to DL. Bourjos and Travis Snyder have been bad. Seth Smith and Segura been banged up. With all these issues I've been scrambling trying to fill spots. I recently added B.Hicks and Lageres. Hicks is in my Util spot and dropped Snyder and Bourjos. Yonder Alonso is available...is he a better add then Hicks? My ultimate question is: We have 3 bench spots. My bench consists of Kris Bryant($1 cost to keep next yr), Oscar Taveres($6 next yr), and Harper. I've been offered Heyward(expensive next yr), Frazier($14), KROD, E.Santana (or) Fister for Bryant, Taveras, and Peralta. This trade would help me fill holes in my lineup now, but definately does not guarantee me to win the league. I know that Bryant and Taveres are 2 of the top 5 hitting prospects and am hesitant to deal them. My lineup is now WilRamos, Morneau, N.Walker, Segura, MrkReynolds, MattAdams, Bruce, Lagares, SethSmith, Gattis, Brandon Hicks. Adding Heyward and Frazier would get Heyward in my OF and then I could play the matchup for Smith/Lagares and Frazier would go in my util spot over Hicks. Would you consider the deal offered to me for those prospects? Would you tweak the deal at all? Maybe Bryant for Heyward and KROd? or hold tight with the prospects and take this season as a building year? I'm one that always plays for the now, but I also want to be realistic and not give up the farm for nothing. Sorry for the lengthy question...I really appreciate all that you do for your listeners. Thank You!!!!! Brian

Christopher Backhaus 

Hello Ray, Because of some good keepers in offense and some trades, I managed to have 4 aces with the following SP: Yu, Lee, Shields, Verlander, Burnett, Tim Hudson, Gee, and Jesse Chavez. RP Rosenthal and Melancon. Would you consider trading Verlander for Matt Holliday and Corey Kluber? Good trade? I want to push for Lance Lynn instead of Kluber, but I must probably have to include Victorino or Hunter. Which of the two? My team currently is: Lucroy, Encarnacion, Pedroia, Andrus, Arenado, Cespedes, Stanton, Hunter, Napoli, Victorino (BN). 12 team, mix Thanks for your thoughts.

Josh Mann 

Def too early to panic with top guys, agree 100%. Danny Salazar was dropped in my 12 team league and I scooped him up. Any thoughts on him?

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