Everyone loves youngsters. I would guess that, literally, a third of the questions I receive daily deal with a minor leaguer, a rookie or a guy in his second season. It's so unbelievably predictable. Every week there's a new “flavor” to talk about. Every single week. Right now the hottest names are two hurlers with the Indians and Blue Jays, but there are two others that people have a great interest in who belong to the Diamondbacks and Twins organizations. Being that I'm a man of the people, here are my thoughts on all four.


Funky delivery and off-putting personality aside, Trevor Bauer has an elite arm. Period. It hasn't always been smooth sailing though as last year in 22 starts at Triple-A he had a 4.15 ERA and 1.58 WHIP thanks to an insanely high 7.16 BB/9 mark. Yeah, he sometimes completely loses the Continue...

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Ray Flowers 

Matthew Davis - I can do that move to Ross. Honestly, I'd give consideration to dropping Pineda. I've been warning about him, no one listened, and now he could miss a month. Touch and go with his health. He didn't even make my top 100 SPs in the Updated PLAYER RANKINGS. http://www.fantasyalarm.com/articles/flowers/18452/may-updated-player-rankings/

Matthew Davis 

Hi Ray, Please keep the info coming - articles are fantastic. Would you drop Robbie Ross for Stroman? HtH 12 Team (he'd be a bench player) Current rotation: Bailey, Cueto, Eovaldi, Haren, Kennedy, Shelby Miller, Wily Peralta, and CJ Wilson. Bench: Gerrit Cole, Pineda, and Ross with Holland and Paxton on the DL.

Ray Flowers 

Jonathan Layden - Fine move adding Burnett. I would stick with the rotation you currently have though.

Jonathan Layden 

Ray, My team has been decimated by injuries and I am trying to stay in it. It is a league that uses k/ 9 instead of k's . Currently rolling out Strasburg, Shelby Miller, Burnett, Kluber, Ross, and Lincecum. Started by moving the struggling Salazar for Burnett. Now considering dropping one these starters for Jesse Chavez or Garrett Richards. Do you think I should stand pat or make a change? Thanks!

Ray Flowers 

jeffry szush - Wow, amazing you have all of those huge young arms. That's a massive amount of young arms though. How many do you keep? You cant keep them all... might look to deal 1/2 at least to get more established guys. Stroman, Meyer, Bauer, Paxton, Heaney, Wisler. Thanks for the kind words.

jeffry szush 

Ray, great piece. It is very relevant to me as I own Stroman, Bauer, and Meyer in my 16 team, 12 keeper, H2H daily lineup league. I took over a bad team and am in complete rebuild mode. I also happen to own James Paxton, Matt Wisler, and Andrew Heaney. With James Shields as my only true keepable pitcher, how do you see the above list of hurlers panning out? Do you think I will be able to muster 3-4 keepers out of those guys? Care to give me a 1-6 ranking of them? I assume most will pitch and sometime this season so hopefully I will get a chance to see if any project to be viable SPs in the MLB. Keep up the good work, my man.

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