The Rockies have the best player in fantasy baseball right now and his name isn't Troy Tulowitzki or Carlos Gonzalez. The Brewers and Padres thought that they had elite young options up the middle. Do they? The Blue Jays have a disappointing third sacker who, really, is nowhere near as disappointing as you think. Finally, what do we make of the suddenly hot speedster from the Reds?


Say hi to Charlie Blackmon.

Mr. Blackmon, he of the wonderful beard, leads baseball hitting .410. He's also sporting a 1.146 OPS that is the second best mark in baseball behind teammate Troy Tulowitzki (1.196). Toss in five homers, 16 RBIs, 19 runs scored and six steals and you're looking at the April MVP of 2014. Some thoughts.

The April MVP of 2013 was Justin Upton. How'd that turn out?

Blackmon has taken only six walks all Continue...

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Ray Flowers 

Zeevi Becker - Don't know all the keeper rules, but give me the side with Ellsbury.

Zeevi Becker 

Ray, Ellsbury for W. Myers and Bourn. Fair? (14-team mix; only Myers can be kept).

Ray Flowers 

Bryan Shisler - Good timing. We WILL offer an updated player ranking the 1st of every month. A week away. ;-)

Bryan Shisler 

Ray, Why don't you update your position player rankings - at least weekly - for subscribers who need trade advise. I know your ranks don't move as quickly as others but I'd like to know who I should target for guys like Hosmer (where's the power) and J Segura. Associating a dollar value also helps when trading different positions. Thx! B

Ray Flowers 

brischilz -Campana is only speed. Can't really hit. I'd go Amarista who appears likely to see most of the time now that Headley is headed to DL.

Ray Flowers 

A Adler - Very possible. too good for it to last much longer. We all know that.


Hi Ray...I just lost Ruggiano(although he wasn't playing much) and could be losing seth smith to injury. I'm scrambling to find some guys that'll get some ab's for my NL only league. Amarista or Campana the better guy to add right now?

A Adler 

Let's also face it Miggy's numbers are low for now, is it due to the core surgery throwing his batting mechanics off? It seems that he's unafraid of the issue and is getting his where with all together to adjust his swing and start producing. I am a fan and I will want to see what happens in Minnesota, but especially KC!

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