Some hitters are struggling and their track record suggests patience. Other hitters are struggling and it might be time to start getting a bit nervous. The Oracle gives his thoughts on some of those hitters, old and young, in the following piece. Both Davis' are discussed as are the likes of Granderson, Sizemore, Fielder and then the uber prospect Taveras who, once again, is dealing with injury.

(image) Chris Davis has been out homered, are you ready for this, over the last 50 games by... Neil Walker (14 to eight). That should set off alarm bells for you. Davis has hit one homer in 18 games this year. Bells are a ringing. Davis has hit 17 homers in 83 games dating back to the All-Star break last year. Davis will hit 30+ homers, but with this slow start a run to 40 might be Continue...

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