With the holiday week nearly behind us, it's time to refocus on the field. As we begin the fourth week of the regular season Ray Flowers digs back into the matchups for Monday and tries to pinpoint some spots that you can take advantage of as well as trying to steer you away from a handful of matchups that might lead to you wishing that it was Saturday night so you could drown your sorrows in hooch (come to think of it, you can still do that Monday night... can't you? Hell, you could do it Monday afternoon if you wanted, though I would stay away from drinking before lunch, no matter what day it is).

DISH DIAMONDS – The Best Hitting Matchups of the Day
Alberto Callaspo is hitting .321 on the year. He has a hit in 6-straight games and he's also produced six RBIs in that Continue...

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Ray Flowers 

Michael S. Suna - Like the sound of that... thank you!

Michael S. Suna 

Thanks Ray. I even turned my friend onto the daily notes. He loves them.

Ray Flowers 

Michael S. Suna - Thanks for the long time support. Means A LOT to me Michael. Dealing Utley at his high point, given track record, not a terrible idea. (A) This deal is OK. I'm not a huge Porcello fan though, so I would pass. Plus, Ortiz only DH. (B) This deal is solid. Motte is pretty much blah right now, though obvious upside if healthy. (C) Pass on this one. I think Burnett should be fine, looked good in last outing after groin issue. (D) This deal could be a win, but if Granderson is what he can/should be, and Burnett is too, you loose. I would do B of the moves if doing any. I dont trust Liriano, he's always hurt, but likely not a huge diff between Utley /Gyorko, and if I can also get Liriano, I would do it, though Gyorko is a poor option in OBP lg. .

Ray Flowers 

Robert Bloomberg - sorry didn't get to your question in time my friend.

Michael S. Suna 

Big fan. bought the draft kit the past 3 years. Ok great, here goes. Usually I am very patient however a few teams have contacted me about Chase Utley since he is hot. My team is last in homers and near the bottom in ERA. Slow start overall. Should I make 1 or more of the 4 deals below or pass on all. I also lost Cobb to the DL My team offense is C – McCann 1b – Goldy 2b – Altuve 3b – Bogaerts IF – Carlos Santana (waiting for 3B eligibility) OF – Harper OF – Jones OF – Ellsbury Utility Utley Bench is Hart, Granderson, De Aza, Rasmus and Bourn Pitching is - Wacha, Cobb (DL), Masterson, Ryu, Burnett, Kluber, Quintana Relief is Santos, Chapman (DL), Farnsworth, Martinez, Mujica and Ogando, Motte(DL) Holds are counted the same as saves. K/BB as well as Quality Starts are included with wins, era, whip, k, saves/hold. I have been offered the following trades. A) Trade Ryu and Utley for Ortiz and porcello (leaves granderson on bench then and weakens my pitching a bit) B) Trade Utley and Motte for Liriano and Gyorko (Gyorko off to slow start, low avg and obp guy) C) Trade Utley and Burnett for Gio Gonzalez D) Trade Granderson and Burnett for Pence. I don't know if i should do anything or give up pitching to increase my hitting or try to strengthen my pitching or to work the wire. Thanks. This league does count obp and slug as well.

Robert Bloomberg 

Who do you start-Bruce, Viciedo, or Castellanos tonight? Thanks! Love the site.

Ray Flowers 

Michael S. Suna - We're currently working on a solution. For now, can ask here.

Michael S. Suna 

Ray how do you get expert help. Is there a chat? i am an assistant GM member. Thanks

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