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jeff ballard 

Hey there Ray. I know you preach patience, and I have done that so far. I am in a 12 team 5x5 roto and dead last in all pitching categories. My closers are Brothers, Cishek, Gregerson, and Santos. I had Johnson, but dropped him for Gregerson. My starters are G. Cole, J Hammel, Garza, Greink, Kluber, and Burnett. I have Cole Hamels coming back and not sure who I should drop. Some of the free agents out there are Vargas, Gibson, Feldman, G Richards, R Ross, Miley and Marrow.

Ray Flowers 

Kevin F - Thanks for the props. I've been saying to everyone that I thought Jones was being way overdrafted. See As for the deal, I have no idea what the pick is worth, but since it's a keeper lg doesn't impact things much. You CRUSHED the deal. Massive win for you.

Kevin F 

Ray, love the great insider tips and feedback. I have two questions, the first I traded Alex Wood for Homer Bailey and Will Meyers plus gave up a 4th round pick for next year, was that the right move? Also what do you make of Adam Jones' slow start?

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