There are some rather obvious lineup calls for Friday. There are also plenty of players who may or may not have such an obvious pass to success or failure. Ray Flowers will take you through the matchups in this piece and try to instill faith in your for the good matchups and to warn you away from the plays that could be disastrous.

DISH DIAMONDS – The Best Hitting Matchups of the Day

Carlos Beltran has a 1.048 OPS against left-handed pitching this year. Good luck Erik Bedard

Ryan Braun meet Charlie Morton. Baseball meet barrel of bat. Braun has hit .467 with a homer an a 1.356 OPS vs. Morton (18 PAs).

Melky Cabrera has been killing it on the young season. He should continue beating up the old baseball Friday against Justin Masterson who he has 12 hits against in 24 at-bats.

Prince Fielder faces a Continue...

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Angelo Parentee 

Lets hope Cashner can stay healthy, and Beckham will be a little better then useless.

Ray Flowers 

Angelo Parentee - Beckham is useless. Means nothing. Bad deal for you unless you're getting the King Felix side. Archer/Cashner strong duo IF they stay health. Archer should be fine... Cashner has NEVER been fine.

Ray Flowers 

ginardo napoli - well thank you kind sir. I do try to let the data lead me to a conclusion. Many just say - blah. I try to prove why blah matters ;-) Thanks for following me to the new FA venture. We're going to crush it moving forward. Glad to have you on board.

Angelo Parentee 

Whats your thought on the following trade.....fair/lopsided? Felix Hernandez and Howie Kendrick for Chris Archer, Gordon Beckham, and Andrew Cashner.

ginardo napoli 

Ray - interesting new move to the new site. Glad to see you move and I look forward to the way you back up your views. That's what I like about your writing. You don't just pronounce. You give more than one solid detailed reason and you still remember (admit) that you can't predict the future any better than a coin flip. Right on fellow Bay Area man.

Ray Flowers 

Mark Lathrop - Cant really extrapolate out 15 days like that tells the whole story. With Cuddyer not at 100%, and Brown not a favorite of mine, I'd turn this down. If JUP and Kemp are healthy, both are top-25 guys. I'm sticking with that.

Mark Lathrop 

Trade offer: I give up J. Upton & Kemp for A.Gonzalez, Cuddyer & D. Brown. I'm currently first in steals but behind on power numbers. 12-team roto. I can drop Headley to make room for Gonzalez.

Ray Flowers 

Randy Mangolt - As long as you have Assistant GM, as you apparently do, you get access to everything and have nothing to worry about. I do not have a profile on Wacha. He's certainly got a shot to be an SP2, though I'd go low end there. Still lots to prove. See what KYLE ELFRINK wrote about him in the Draft Guide: "Michael Wacha, SP, Cardinals 2013 Numbers – 4 wins, 2.78 ERA, 1.10 WHIP, 65 Ks (9.0/9) in 9 starts covering 64.2 innings. Wacha’s postseason was one for the ages. In five starts, he grabbed four wins sporting an ERA of 2.64, a WHIP of 0.91, and a K-rate of more than a batter per inning (9.7 per nine). All of that has raised expectations exponentially. It’s worth recalling that few considered him a definitive front-line starter before the late-season jump. He owes much of his early success to a superior change-up, a la Cole Hamels. Can he maintain that as a successful go-to pitch over a 162-game schedule? Another warning might be a currently unannounced innings limit. The ‘Birds have plenty of depth to make occasional use of a 6th starter. Skipping a start or four over the year wouldn’t be a total shock. Overall, there’s not a giant amount of MLB work to justify making him an SP2 entering the year." If VMart is C elig do it. If he isn't, probably best to pass.

Randy Mangolt 

Trends showing up for me as well. Ray - do you have a profile on Michael Wacha? Considering a trade of him for VMart. Thanks

Ray Flowers 

Glenn Birk - Thank you sir. Glad you're enjoy the series.

Glenn Birk 

Trends have been showing up every day for me... Very useful stuff Ray. :)

Ray Flowers 

Cosmoworm - Trends show up every day my friend. The issue you are having is that you aren't signed up for our Assistant GM product. In order to get access to this piece you have to be signed up (other pieces like player profiles and mailbags and such you don't have to be). Here is the info you need to know about the Assistant GM package -


Tends haven't been showing up a few days Ray

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