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Greg Dobbs is doing nothing other than pinch hitting for the Marlins. Friday though he's got a matchup he will look to exploit if he can convince the Marlins brain-trust to put him in the starting lineup. Dobbs becomes Roy Hobbs when he faces A.J. Burnett whom he has seven hits in 11 at-bats against (.636).

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Ray Flowers 

Steve - First off thanks for reading. Secondly, it's the nature of the beast my friend. No one on Earth is right all the time. Third, Skaggs didn't walk a batter and retired 11 of the final 13 Mets he faced. It wasn't a bad game at all. Fourth if you think a beat up Zimmerman with an 0-for-11 is a good play, then more power to you but I can't agree with that.

Ray Flowers 

Miguel Enguidanos - A's household, nice. Bay Area --- I used to live in Montclair, but I'm a Peninsula fella.


I guess the Mets liked the sound of their bats tonight, SKAGGS allowed nine hits and four earned runs and only four strikeouts in a no-decision....oh and I'm glad I started Ryan Zimmerman with his "shot" shoulder, he went 2-4 with a walk and 3 run home run. I guess next time you will recommend to start Zimmerman because he will be 2-4 in his last 4 ABs against Tehran

Miguel Enguidanos 

Good call on Castro and Ortiz. I pulled them both out. I benched most A's except Moss who has pretty good numbers against King Felix. This is an A's household and my wife says they have to get to Felix at some point....or maybe not. The A's always did well against Clemens which I loved.

Ray Flowers 

Legendtim - Don't know what to tell ya. If you think taking 33 seconds to round the bases is ok... well lets just say I don't agree.


One thing I can't stand his Ortiz bashers! Get over yourself

Adam Jacobs 

Rasmus and the Jays will see Tillman tonight in Baltimore instead of Norris. Rasmus has a much better line against Tillman: 6-for-14 (.429) with 2 HRs. FYI, rain in the forecast tonight in Baltimore.

Ray Flowers 

Ryan - Kelly is pretty useless. Ditto Raburn. Both can have their uses, but they aren't weekly plays by any means in a mixed lg.

Ray Flowers 

Tim - Both are doing to be dreadful in TB lg. Revere is a better hitter, but young has a bit more pop. I'd go Revere, but not great.


Skaggs, Kelly, Molina, Goldy, Wong, Panda, Desmond, Carlos Gomez, Harper, Raburn. Still have $400 left who would you look to upgrade first?


B. Revere or EY JR if looking for speed in a categories H2H league that counts OBP, K's and TB's??

Ray Flowers 

Paul - If choosing only one, go Darvish.

Ray Flowers 

Anthony Bickel - Thnks for catching the mistake.


Skaggs vs Mets, Roark @Atl, Darvish vs Hou


At least Ortiz had his left blinker on while he rounded the bases.

Anthony Bickel 

Nice post. However, Skaggs faces the Mets, not the Astros.

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