How do you build your roster when it comes to relief pitchers? Are you the type that invested heavily on draft day in the elites? Are you the type that went mid level arms for some cost savings? Are you the type that said screw it, I ain't paying for closers since they simply cannot be trusted. Looks like group three may have had it right this year.

Here is what we know.

The White Sox made the unexpected decision to go with Matt Lindstrom and not Nate Jones in the 9th inning.

Bobby Parnell has a partial tear of his MCL and will be shut down for two weeks after undergoing a  platelet-rich plasma injection. Best case scenario it sounds like he could be back in a month. Worst case is that he'll need surgery which will end his season. In steps Jose Valverde. Gulp.

The Blue Jays are Continue...

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Ray Flowers 

Rob Johnson - Johnson is a 50 SV guy. Managers love that - though slow starts are still scary. He will have to stink for another three outings to lose his gig. I don't think it will happen. At the same time, here is what I wrote in the 2014 Draft Guide about Johnson. "Will Jim Johnson continue to excel with the Athletics? NO. Jim Johnson leads baseball with 101 saves the past two seasons. He is only the second man ever to do that (Eric Gagne in 2002-3). Johnson has gotten it done. However, he’s not overly skilled. Johnson has a 5.96 K/9 mark for his career, so it’s pretty fair to guess the 7.17 K/9 mark he posted last season will regress. It’s also fair to point out that Johnson had a 1.28 WHIP last season which is far from dominating and just barely better than average. The fact is that Johnson is a good pitcher who generates copious amounts of grounders. However, he’s never been confused with a dominating arm. Johnson blew nine games last season, and also picked up eight loses, and it’s not like the A’s aren’t afraid to make changes so Johnson may not have as long a leash as some would lead you to believe."

Rob Johnson 

Is Jim Johnson's job worth keeping an eye on? Im in a 16 team league. I picked up Gregerson(dropping Familia). Is it worth it?

Ray Flowers 

Keith - Smart move my friend. That's the way to do it. You got it.

Ray Flowers 

Shawn T Powell - It all depends on who you drop, but there is no reason to drop Putz just to drop him. With David Hernandez gone, that's one less guy in Putz' way to the 9th inning. He can be dropped sure, but he's a highly skilled arm.


With a Holds cat in my league as well as saves, it indeed pays to draft skills over roles. With a quick WW transaction yesterday, I now own both Lindstrom and Jones, plus I have Santos too. Won't really mind who closes or not, because if they're not closing, they should be getting me Holds. About the worst thing that can happen is if ALL your holds guys get promoted to close!

Shawn T Powell 

Any reason to hang onto JJ Putz. I was too late on the wire to get the 3 names today. I blew it on saves. My only closer is Jim Johnson. I have Hoover to get some early save chances. I have Benoit hoping he might pick up a few during the year. Then I have Putz.

Ray Flowers 

JC - We will have a weekly FAAB piece moving forward. Since all the roles are TOTALLY uncertain, I can't recommend going over $15 for anyone, and personally, I'd be in the $8-12 range if I could.


interesting take on closer situations, especially in CHI, NYM, and MIL, any idea how you might allocate FAAB on any of the aforementioned closers and/or talent? either via pct of budget or based on 100 dollars would work...Thanks in advance Ray.

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