DISH DIAMONDS – The Best Hitting Matchups of the Day
Andre Ethier loves him some Ian Kennedy. He's hit .357 with two homers in 28 at-bats. Plus, he's sexy.

Freddie Freeman faces Kyle Lohse, a righty. All Freeman did last year was hit .334 with a .958 OPS and 19 homers in 377 at-bats versus righties.

Jesus Guzman faces CC Sabathia. CC looked good this spring, but he looked terrible last year. He will have to face a man who has hit .288 with 12 homers and 51 RBIs in his career against lefties. Could it be Guzman's day.

Matt Joyce faces righty Drew Hutchinson. Joyce hits righties well. Per 500 at-bats the past three years against righties he's averaged 23 homers, 72 RBIs and posted an .821 OPS. He's also a slightly better hitter at home than on the road.

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Ray Flowers 

christopher digiorgio - good to hear my friend. Keep it going!

Ray Flowers 

AJ Ware - you got it my friend. Can't get em all right.

Ray Flowers 

Roman - In theory posting a day early makes sense, but at the same time what about injuries? Weather? Lineup changes? Wouldn't be as accurate if posted early.

Ray Flowers 

Towlie - Every dog has his day ;-)

christopher digiorgio 

Good calls you guys won me some money last night!

AJ Ware 

Glad I started Eovaldi anyway. Matt Joyce was a good call thanks for that one.


Those are excellents tips for the day, but is there a chance it could be posted one day in advance?


Great call on Guzman
It's good to be an oracle :-)

Ray Flowers 

Towlie - Weather in OAK is bad. I'd avoid for that reason. Good spring yes, but still not totally sold on him yet. Matchup is favorable.


Thanks for this Ray

I was debating putting Gonzo in today.. Not anymore,,,
Was also wondering your thoughts on CC tonight. Figure he's good for at least 7 innings, decent k's against the Stro's, and really good shot at a win. That and he's coming off a real nice spring.


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