You see this question thrown out there all the time, but it always seems to be about hitters or starting pitchers. Who is this year’s Mike Trout? Who is this year’s Chris Davis? Who is this year’s Jose Fernandez? No one ever seems to give the closers the respect they deserve. Well, dammit, I’m here to change all that. I won’t give my usual diatribe about their value because I’ve done that already. I will simply move forward and turn you on to a number of ninth inning firemen you’re going to want on your fantasy teams this season. And to start things off, I’ll answer the question posed in the title: Who is this year’s Greg Holland?


For those who aren’t aware, in his first full-season manning the ninth inning for the Kansas City Royals, Holland finished the year as a top-3 closer. His 47 saves ranked third in the league amongst closers and his 1.21 ERA was second. He posted an impressive 13.84 K/9, good for second in the league and for all you sabermetric junkies out there,...

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