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Howard Bender is a Managing Editor at Fantasy Alarm, Co-Host of the Fantasy Alarm podcast and Co-Host of Fantasy Sports Tonight on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. Follow him on Twitter at @rotobuzzguy and on the RotobuzzGuy Facebook page. You can also email him directly at

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Attn: #FantasyFootball writers/podcasters. Want your name/voice/opinions broadcast on @SiriusXMFantasy? Join my #MockDraftArmy this Sunday!

@baseballin77 Kemp, Dickerson, JD Mart then Pollock

It's #MockDraftArmy time! 3 mock drafts this Sunday (7/27) at 6:30pm ET to be broadcast live on @SiriusXMFantasy. Email me to join.

@SteveAGardner Saw them in '88. My date cried the whole time b/c every song reminded her of her ex-boyfriend. Good times.

@Dodger_swag40 If no need for saves late 2nd half then Giles for sure