Everyone eats. For me, I made a life out of it.

I've been slaving away in restaurants since I was twelve years old. More than half of my life as a matter of fact. Little sleep, lots of coffee and of course eating. In the end, it was worth it. I am now a very accomplished chef. Even had the chance to cook for some celebrities like Tia Carrerre (on right from Wayne’s World), NFL QB Matt McGloin and former first round pick Ki-Jana Carter.

Just because I leave the kitchen doesn’t mean I stop cooking. Sometimes with fantasy sports and sometimes with my fiancé. Although the latter is what truly matters in life, the former finds a way to suck me to my computer for late night sessions filled with BABIP, K/9 and on-base percentages. In the end, leading to many league championships.

After awakening from another late-night cram session I decided it was time for a change. I was missing the most important ingredient in my writing: myself. Forget the journalism degree. No more...

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